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Personality Quiz
Are You A Thinker or A Feeler? Quiz
Are You A Thinker or A Feeler? Quiz

Are you a Thinking or Feeling type? Thinkers tend to make choices based on fact and structure. Feelers are influenced by the energy and emotion of an

146 Comments | 4076 Takers | 60801 Views
How to lose weight after 40 Quiz
How to lose weight after 40 Quiz

Can it be done? Is that once snappy metabolism now emotionally attached to every calories holding it close to your heart, or unfortunately, your hips?

3 Comments | 194 Takers | 2892 Views
Personality Quiz
Do you have a foot fetish? Quiz
Do you have a foot fetish? Quiz

OK, this quiz is not clinical nor will it delve into s*xual deviancy. It will however check to see if you find feet sexy and if your tootsies are beac

13 Comments | 501 Takers | 16134 Views
10 Easy IQ test
10 Easy IQ test created by: programaths

This is a practice test containing 10 questions to get used to Raven & Catell like tests. These questions are "easy", not for High IQ ranges. Taker

26 Comments | 532 Takers | 15639 Views
Personality Quiz
Create Your Dream Guy
Create Your Dream Guy created by: DynamiteLuv

Is he a bad boy? Good boy? Naughty or nice. Tough or a gentleman. Who's your pick? How does he look? With this test, you create his looks! At the e

394 Comments | 5821 Takers | 61108 Views
Personality Quiz
How Witty Are You? Test
How Witty Are You? Test created by: LifeThirst

Witty means “sharp minded” or “cleaver”! Also a fun lover too! In this test a series of funny questions will measure your “ready wit” and will bring a

191 Comments | 1718 Takers | 52785 Views
How LIP-LOCKable you are? Test
How LIP-LOCKable you are? Test created by: LifeThirst

There are some simple rules to the art of kissing that very few people know. If you take this test you will be able to know your lip-lock standard and

65 Comments | 1440 Takers | 8585 Views
Personality Quiz
Do People Take Advantage of You? Quiz
Do People Take Advantage of You? Quiz

Do you ever feel that people take advantage of your generosity? Are you tired of having no time to yourself? Perhaps you are constantly exhausted beca

34 Comments | 1131 Takers | 16331 Views
Personality Quiz
Are You a Love Cynic? Quiz
Are You a Love Cynic? Quiz

Do you think that love only happens in the movies, or do you fall in love at least once a week? Take this quiz to find out what your attitude to love

7 Comments | 466 Takers | 10321 Views
Personality Quiz
Your Ultimate Sex Standard Test
Your Ultimate Sex Standard Test created by: LifeThirst

This test is especially helpful in the bedroom if you want to know whether you're top or bottom or just a kinky fantasy can make your heart bit increa

390 Comments | 2963 Takers | 38249 Views

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Compatibility & Know-Me Quizzes
dirtywork14 Compatibility Quiz
are u right for dirty work dirtywork14 23 yrs old Levelland, Texas USA
0 Comments | 8 Takers | 897 Views
goldengloss Compatibility Quiz
Goldengloss goldengloss 66 yrs old Dublin South, Dublin Ireland
4 Comments | 71 Takers | 1661 Views
Jasminemahon Compatibility Quiz
hot or not match? Jasminemahon 22 yrs old Birmingham, England UK
0 Comments | 258 Takers | 2547 Views
Looking4theOnly1 Compatibility Quiz
The 'F' Word or The 'S' Word..... Looking4theOnly1 57 yrs old Central VA, Virginia USA
23 Comments | 824 Takers | 6449 Views
UriahXG Compatibility Quiz
Well, let's give this a shot (18-22 year old MN women only) UriahXG 24 yrs old Lindstrom, Minnesota USA
0 Comments | 12 Takers | 1205 Views
zweet4you Compatibility Quiz
do you know me zweet4you 40 yrs old edmonton, Alberta Canada
3 Comments | 107 Takers | 2880 Views
LeAnn913 Compatibility Quiz
Will we make our lives complete? LeAnn913 57 yrs old Burleson, Texas USA
0 Comments | 54 Takers | 763 Views
BettyBoop89 Compatibility Quiz
So... You wanna get to know me? ;) BettyBoop89 28 yrs old Mullingar, Westmeath Ireland
6 Comments | 292 Takers | 3870 Views
sailordude90 Compatibility Quiz
Maybe, maybe not ... sailordude90 27 yrs old Carrollton, Georgia USA
0 Comments | 11 Takers | 862 Views
Ruckers Compatibility Quiz
hey what the hell try it out :) Ruckers 47 yrs old my town, Massachusetts USA
0 Comments | 29 Takers | 1161 Views

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