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Personality Quiz
How Italian Are You? Quiz
How Italian Are You? Quiz

No matter where you’re from, you probably have a little Italian in you, even if you’re not aware of it. Whether you have a relative that hails from I

22 Comments | 512 Takers | 10739 Views
Basic Math-Common Sense Test
Basic Math-Common Sense Test created by: LifeThirst

In our daily life the matters we face sometimes, in this test few are together! Just answer the questions without thinking and as fast as you can! Tha

55 Comments | 1279 Takers | 34252 Views
Personality Quiz
Create Your Dream Guy
Create Your Dream Guy created by: DynamiteLuv

Is he a bad boy? Good boy? Naughty or nice. Tough or a gentleman. Who's your pick? How does he look? With this test, you create his looks! At the e

386 Comments | 5732 Takers | 57789 Views
Personality Quiz
How Witty Are You? Test
How Witty Are You? Test created by: LifeThirst

Witty means “sharp minded” or “cleaver”! Also a fun lover too! In this test a series of funny questions will measure your “ready wit” and will bring a

184 Comments | 1647 Takers | 47247 Views
Do you have a colorful ankle sock fetish?
Do you have a colorful ankle sock fetish? created by:

Ever wonder if your fetish involved colorful ankle socks?

0 Comments | 25 Takers | 2454 Views
Personality Quiz
Which Female Friends Character are you? Quiz
Which Female "Friends" Character are you? Quiz

Now that the show has been in syndication for years we have even more opportunities to watch, mimic and laugh! The best part of the show is we all can

16 Comments | 511 Takers | 8150 Views
Personality Quiz
How Mellow Are You?
How Mellow Are You?

Can you sit for hours contemplating the meaning of life, or do you need to be jumping out of a plane to feel alive? Get your "mellow rating" by takin

28 Comments | 721 Takers | 11019 Views
Personality Quiz
Do People Take Advantage of You? Quiz
Do People Take Advantage of You? Quiz

Do you ever feel that people take advantage of your generosity? Are you tired of having no time to yourself? Perhaps you are constantly exhausted beca

31 Comments | 1086 Takers | 15083 Views
Personality Quiz
Sensing or Intuition Quiz
Sensing or Intuition Quiz

This quiz addresses how you learn; how you take in information. At its most basic, Sensors acquire information through the physical properties of the

118 Comments | 3659 Takers | 67091 Views
Personality Quiz
Are You Judging or Perceiving? Quiz
Are You Judging or Perceiving? Quiz

This quiz is about lifestyle and work habits. Judging and Perceiving are Jungian terms (admittedly confusing) made familiar through the Myers Briggs T

76 Comments | 1796 Takers | 50330 Views

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Compatibility & Know-Me Quizzes
serephia Compatibility Quiz
Have a go!!! serephia 60 yrs old Dublin, Dublin Ireland
3 Comments | 230 Takers | 3868 Views
jlhflex Compatibility Quiz
jlhflex Compatibility Quiz jlhflex 38 yrs old Baton rouge, Louisiana USA
2 Comments | 108 Takers | 1927 Views
Yumica Compatibility Quiz
How well do you know me Yumica 27 yrs old Palembang Indonesia
0 Comments | 32 Takers | 648 Views
seadoofree98 Compatibility Quiz
How would you interest me? seadoofree98 53 yrs old Port Charlotte, Florida USA
0 Comments | 7 Takers | 628 Views
starhuntress Compatibility Quiz
Quiz U starhuntress 35 yrs old Sydney, New South Wales Australia
1 Comments | 90 Takers | 1797 Views
stormylady81 Compatibility Quiz
Where are you? stormylady81 35 yrs old Bandung Indonesia
1 Comments | 55 Takers | 1438 Views
hotpanda Compatibility Quiz
do u really now me better then my self hotpanda 22 yrs old lubbock, Texas USA
0 Comments | 19 Takers | 1944 Views
jim_moriarty Compatibility Quiz
Do we go well together? jim_moriarty 30 yrs old Wasilków, Podlaskie Poland
0 Comments | 13 Takers | 743 Views
LeopardPrintLove Compatibility Quiz
Could you be the one for me? LeopardPrintLove 23 yrs old Sydney, New South Wales Australia
9 Comments | 239 Takers | 33366 Views
LeAnn913 Compatibility Quiz
Will we make our lives complete? LeAnn913 56 yrs old Burleson, Texas USA
0 Comments | 42 Takers | 648 Views
LoveDumplin Compatibility Quiz
Are you my type? LoveDumplin 18 yrs old Bowling Green, Kentucky USA
0 Comments | 26 Takers | 176 Views
MysteriousGirl80 Compatibility Quiz
Go on for the craic :p MysteriousGirl80 36 yrs old Waterford, Waterford Ireland
3 Comments | 67 Takers | 612 Views

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