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Personality Quiz
Are You Judging or Perceiving? Quiz
Are You Judging or Perceiving? Quiz

This quiz is about lifestyle and work habits. Judging and Perceiving are Jungian terms (admittedly confusing) made familiar through the Myers Briggs T

75 Comments | 1786 Takers | 49688 Views
Personality Quiz
Are You A Thinker or A Feeler? Quiz
Are You A Thinker or A Feeler? Quiz

Are you a Thinking or Feeling type? Thinkers tend to make choices based on fact and structure. Feelers are influenced by the energy and emotion of an

134 Comments | 3952 Takers | 57396 Views
Personality Quiz

This quiz will inform you of whether you have psychopathic tendencies.

152 Comments | 1561 Takers | 19320 Views
Personality Quiz
How faithful are you?
How faithful are you? created by: Dugger20

This Quiz will measure how faithful you are. Or will be.

12 Comments | 309 Takers | 2737 Views
Personality Quiz
Do You Love Working With Children? Quiz
Do You Love Working With Children? Quiz

Working with children is a special calling that attracts individuals who want to make a significant contribution to society. If you enjoy guiding chil

15 Comments | 264 Takers | 10985 Views
Personality Quiz
World's Shortest Personality Test
World's Shortest Personality Test created by: LifeThirst

It’s that as the name suggests! It’s the shortest and so also the fastest personality test - but quite revealing!

93 Comments | 1407 Takers | 11951 Views
Personality Quiz

Ladies and gentlemen, SEX is your private matter but this 1 question scientific test will determine your true but hidden passion for sex! Don’t hesita

88 Comments | 2279 Takers | 13782 Views
Personality Quiz
Who is your spirit guide? Quiz
Who is your spirit guide? Quiz

Who is your spirit guide? Who is this spirit that helps you make choices on the paths you take in life? Could it be a warrior? An artist? A martyr

122 Comments | 3828 Takers | 33613 Views
Type of Person are You?
Type of Person are You? created by:

This would tell me the type of person you are and what you may be about before our initial contact.

39 Comments | 1675 Takers | 8719 Views
Personality Quiz
Create Your Dream Guy
Create Your Dream Guy created by: DynamiteLuv

Is he a bad boy? Good boy? Naughty or nice. Tough or a gentleman. Who's your pick? How does he look? With this test, you create his looks! At the e

383 Comments | 5708 Takers | 57030 Views

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Compatibility & Know-Me Quizzes
Debz1 Compatibility Quiz
Debz1 Compatibility Quiz Debz1 51 yrs old Auckland, Auckland New Zealand
0 Comments | 76 Takers | 1365 Views
txbreeze134 Compatibility Quiz
Think you can handle the texas breeze? txbreeze134 29 yrs old Kilgore, Texas USA
3 Comments | 28 Takers | 1004 Views
prehinite Compatibility Quiz
I bet no one will get a 100% ;) prehinite 41 yrs old malta, Majjistral Malta
0 Comments | 66 Takers | 1412 Views
Honesty93 Compatibility Quiz
Mr. Perfect, Or Mr. Mistake? Honesty93 23 yrs old Port Hope, Ontario Canada
1 Comments | 173 Takers | 2291 Views
Jasminemahon Compatibility Quiz
hot or not match? Jasminemahon 21 yrs old Birmingham, England UK
0 Comments | 245 Takers | 2357 Views
LoveDumplin Compatibility Quiz
Are you my type? LoveDumplin 18 yrs old Bowling Green, Kentucky USA
0 Comments | 16 Takers | 88 Views
LizzyBear Compatibility Quiz
Would you be a good match for me? LizzyBear 24 yrs old Winnipeg, Steinbach, Manitoba Canada
2 Comments | 72 Takers | 1534 Views
bubbles1307 Compatibility Quiz
lets see !!!!!!!!!! bubbles1307 27 yrs old Dublin, Dublin Ireland
8 Comments | 633 Takers | 4324 Views
Jbell48 Compatibility Quiz
Jbell48 Compatibility Quiz Jbell48 19 yrs old Belen, New Mexico USA
0 Comments | 12 Takers | 256 Views
StarryNight24 Compatibility Quiz
Are you the guy I'm looking for? StarryNight24 25 yrs old Sanger, California USA
3 Comments | 25 Takers | 795 Views
KaylaB4 Compatibility Quiz
What would you do..... KaylaB4 29 yrs old Bremen/Bugtusssle, Alabama USA
0 Comments | 24 Takers | 315 Views
FarAway90 Compatibility Quiz
Maybe I COULD like you ;) FarAway90 26 yrs old Heinsberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany
3 Comments | 112 Takers | 892 Views

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