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RE: How Lonely Are You? Test

Some people like and need time alone because too much social interaction gets them stressed and then you need to go away and be quiet and calm. That's me . I prefer to be alone than with people who I've nothing in common with. I don't understand social chitchat that many people indulge in esp women . I think it's fake and nonsense but it may be genuine in so far as some are capable of being genuine. It's a bit like Hollywood actors kiss kiss each other as a greeting and it's mostly fake just for the camera clicking . Yet people crave the company of others anyone they think is better than being alone with themselves. I've so many ideas things to do plans I don't feel lonely even if lots of my ideas plans don't happen. I'll have another idea or interest tomorrow that makes me excited . Who needs someone coming interrupting you and all they want is to sit and talk rubbish usually about other people who I've zero interest in . P.S. I do like people but in small doses lol

RE: Type of Person are You?

I loves Avon! What's wrong with giving my friends/ and other people a 10%
discount? To me,that is being nice to the customers.
Massaging someone legs:?
Certain things are done in certain places. Not everything is meant to be done in public places. ( Keep somethings in private. " Between the two people only".) Just Saying!....hug

RE: A fascinating look into the mind of "Man's Best Friend"....

Brilliant questions lucky I breed and train pitbullslaugh

RE: How Thrifty Are You?

My result was an accurate assessment. Great Quiz.

RE: How much do you know about body language? Quiz

In #6, the correct word should be 'rapport', not "report".


That's uncanny, but my result was spot on!

RE: How Cuddle able & Naughty are you? Test

There were not enough questions to be accurate.


This was stupid and worse than a super market rolled up horoscope....

RE: Are You a Good Lover?

Any single women seeking love hit me up

RE: What Type of Guy Do You Like?

So, where do I pick him up from?cheering

RE: How Lonely Are You? Test

I rather be on my own than in the company of a person or people who I've nothing in common with or who are unpleasant. I won't tolerate abuse from people anymore . People hang around with others not because they like them but because they're afraid of being lonely. I'm never lonely I've so many things to do . If someone says I'm bored you can be sure they're boring .....

RE: Are You Ready for Marriage? Quiz

Marriage is one of the most foolhardy ways to commit suicide i've ever heard of. thumbs down

RE: Do You Have a Foot Fetish

Nobody on the planet that has ever been or will be has sexy feet. there is nothing sexy about feet. babies have cute feet but babies are just cute period. anybody that has a foot fetish needs mental help

RE: How LIP-LOCKable you are? Test

I love all the questions and i answered to my very best.
Happy readinglips teddybear

RE: How Materialistic Are You?

The two last question is impossible to answer for me.

RE: Do People Take Advantage of You? Quiz

If people take advantage get them to buy you lunch first
They soon stop calling

RE: How to lose weight after 40 Quiz

body structure and weight are genetic
If you want to know how your future wife or husband will look like, take a look at their parents.

Work out and not eating junk food (all the time) do help. But once you will stop it, you will get twice bigger.
And again, you cannot cheat genetic.handshake

RE: How Materialistic Are You?

my score is 7%. And that what I am. I just wish people who are answering all those questions are honest.

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