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RE: Your Ultimate Sex Standard Test

Quiz was very enlightening.
Thank you.

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RE: Are You a Neat Freak or a Clutter Bug? Quiz

94% Yes its true. However i do not agree with question 2. about closet. My closet is always neat and tidy so all the options mentioned were not right for me. Even if i buy something new i still do not have to clean my closet because i know i have place for everything. i do not keep anything i do not use in my closet or in my surroundings. teddybear

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RE: Which Online Dating Type Are You?

Kiss few frogs...which I don't think I'm comfortable with that... Optimistic peace

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RE: World War II

I was 5 years old. I was playing on 2nd Ave and 86th St in Manhattan. All of a sudden all the grown ups around me went crazy. They were jumping around, waving their arms, kissing each other, singing, laughing like little kids. I was freaking out. I ran home to our apt on 85th St and told my mother that people were going crazy. My mother was acting like she just won a million dollars too. That is when I found out that the war was over.
During the war I was terrified because I saw posters of Japanese soldiers throwing babies up into the air and running them through with their swords as they fell back down. I thought that was what was going to happen to me. Those posters were designed to make people hate the Japanese, but the effect they had on children was terrifying.

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Seems simple everyone enjoys being intimate and enjoy giving a juice i don't see why wear a condom

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RE: o*gasm Quiz

I'm good at making you o*gasm lips

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RE: How Good Is your Memory? Quiz

Missing so many possible options to answer... For instance, I do braintrainings, just not every day. I think there is no one (except maybe Jim Kwik) that actually trains his/her brain every single day, unless you think sudoku or minefield are braintaininggames off course rolling on the floor laughing And I wonder how often people that score more than me redid the test, or just were plain not honest. Getting a perfect score is so easy when cheating. doh

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yes very true you hit the nail on the head

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RE: How Happy Are You?

Very nice question
I really appreciate.
May I know your name
Respect Sweet Loving Caring Kind Graceful Gorgeous Attractive Beautiful Decent Mannered
Sophisticated Lady.
Please I want to know about you send me messages or mail.
Love Care and Respect
handshake peace bouquet hug heart wings

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RE: Find out ur IQ level - Start it!

Thank you so much with the quizz.I have today learned a bit more you see .professor

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WOW! No one wanted to take the test? Why?

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RE: Is he right for me?

only I'm not in relationship :)

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RE: Your Ultimate Sex Standard Test

This was funny. There were some questions were the English was so poor, I picked the answer that made the LEAST bit of sense XD only because the other 2 options were nothing like my taste at all. Ha ha ha ha laugh

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RE: How Lonely Are You? Test

I'm married to someone who doesn't communicate with me at all.
Passive aggressive is worse than being physically beaten up.
My 2 best and closest friends in life have passed away and I'm struggling to
replace them hence I'm on this website.

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RE: How Atheist Are You?

I completely and totally believe that there is a true and living almighty God
I pray and talk to my God daily.To suggest that I am 27% atheist is totally wrong.
However I do not go to church and find that religion,of which the re are many different
kinds all based geographically,might be suspect but I do believe that they have a
place and a role for religion to play in society. Remember of all the wars that have ever
been fought they were either for political reasons or for religious reasons and for no other
reason. Makes you think. Be that as it may I can never be convinced that there is no God
I don't know in what form shape or presence but almighty God definitely exists.

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RE: World Cities

really enjoyed the quiz!

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RE: How Chivalrous Are You?


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RE: How Sociable Are You?

Scored 59 percent very socialable. I am not sure that would be correct. I answered best to my ability but some of them I could not answer because it did not describe better for me. One of them the question 9 about how much the world knows me. Well, yes, they do. I am throughout the net. Second of all, On social media.. yes. I even went on missions to Central America, been to Florida to help with a Deaf church...I have friends as far as the Philippines. Yeah. I was even on TV. You name it. But actually I am very much on my drafting table and laptop as well. So, its pretty much 50 percent. Not 59. But close....On to the next!

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RE: Which Color Are You?

Well that's just great. I'm purple. The colour of Goths and funerals.laugh

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RE: How sustainable are you? Quiz

How can I have 118%? I thought 100% was a maximum.
I know I can survive off grid , I did it for 18 months with just my dog on top of a mountain in Sweden.

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RE: How Cuddle able & Naughty are you? Test

I'm a big snuggle gal seeking people like me

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RE: o*gasm Quiz

I surprised myself ~ got 100%. grin Woohoo!! applause cheering

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RE: Do You Have a Sense of Humour Quiz

i did it because my love did it.
and she was fun to be with

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RE: How Good Is your Memory? Quiz

I knew this, I knew this... creative means absent-minded :o)

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RE: Are You A Real YOGI

Absolute Garbarge ! Just another Data Collector ! On a data fishing trip ! Protect yourself and dont answer the questions from a total stranger ! By answering you open yourself up to who knows what ?

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RE: How Cuddle able & Naughty are you? Test

Wishing i had someone to snuggle up with teddybear

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