How Socially Tolerant Are You? Test

created by LifeThirst on Oct 29, 2011 45 yrs old, Kolkata India
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Sometimes in real life we face some situations those actually may considered as test of our tolerance power no matter how much annoying those are! We need to check our protest intention or sometimes we are expected to protest! The most interesting fact is that sometimes we feel we have good tolerance but actually we have pretty less. This test will measure your power of social tolerance! I hope you know how much “tolerance” is important for a dating site also! :)

Among the options of the questions please choose the closest which match your choice! However, questions are simple real life situations and this test highly expects your honest choices.

[ IMP: Option 5 in every question is an indefinite cause. Try to avoid it if you have better choice or choose it if really no way! ]
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