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Most Sent - This Month Valentine's Day eCards (48)

Here is a list of Valentine's Day eCards ordered by Most Sent - This Month, posted by members. Connecting Singles eCards are totally free for you to send. ANY CS card on these pages can be changed & customized by you for ANY occasion. You don't have to send these cards as-is. You can change the greeting & music to make one fit for you. Click on an eCard below to view it, then click the "Send this eCard" button, edit the card template to make it your own, and send it to your friend! Or if you prefer, you can also Design a new eCard template to be added to these pages and used by other members. Click here to post an eCard.

Loves Embrace eCard

Love's Embrace

Just For You eCardonline today!

Just For You

I Like You eCard

I Like You ...

kindness eCardonline today!


Im always here eCard

I'm always here

want to fall in love with you eCard

want to fall in love with you

If I had one wish eCard

If I had one wish

Smile as life is good eCard

Smile as life is good.

Pleased To Make Acquaintance eCard

Pleased To Make Acquaintance

Pure natural beauty eCard

Pure natural beauty

Distance eCard


Warm wishes eCard

Warm wishes

Get batty eCard

Get batty

Edge of Difficulty eCard

Edge of Difficulty

Good Morning eCard

Good Morning

Mushy eCard


2 hearts 1 connection eCard

2 hearts, 1 connection

Just For You eCard

Just For You!



Get Well eCardonline today!

Get Well!

friend eCard


To brighten your day eCard

To brighten your day !

I miss you so much eCard

I miss you so much

friendship eCard


New day eCard

New day

Youre welcome eCard

You're welcome!..

Hello eCard


Hello eCard


Hello My Dear Friend eCard

Hello My Dear Friend.....

A Heart Full Of Hugs For You eCard

A Heart Full Of Hugs For You!...

Spring Blossoms eCard

Spring Blossoms

A Mothers Love eCard

A Mother's Love

get well soon eCard

get well soon

Sending you A Rose to say eCard

Sending you A Rose to say:

Love and peace eCard

Love and peace

Wishing You eCard

Wishing You....

The Music of a Waterfall eCard

The Music of a Waterfall



No Place Too Far eCard

No Place Too Far...

Abundant Appreciation eCard

Abundant Appreciation

30 TODAY eCard


Dylinga: "Top 10 Rock bands"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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