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How does one spend a birthday alone?1,35123Aug 2015May 1021 hrs ago
Early Valentines wish3,11966Feb 2016Feb 20167 hrs ago
Just Be U1,41030Jan 2016Jan 2016Dec 14
Man-Grooming3,41182Jan 2016Jan 201632 mins ago
Time Machine4819Jan 2016Jan 2016Dec 13
Kiss me1,12119Dec 2015Dec 2015Dec 11
A Door closes1,56825Nov 2015Dec 2015Nov 30
Mistletoe someone2,85775Dec 2015Dec 20155 hrs ago
Moving around1,19231Nov 2015Nov 2015Dec 10
Ilusion89011Nov 2015Nov 2015Dec 11
My week1,81468Nov 2015Nov 201517 hrs ago
Wishing for..1,42138Nov 2015Nov 201546 mins ago
Drinking beer72710Nov 2015Nov 2015Nov 28
Looooooooookkk4341Nov 2015Nov 2015Dec 1
Just saying.......81214Aug 2015Nov 2015Dec 8
Naughty Santa3,184122Nov 2015Nov 20153 hrs ago
Sometimes.....just sometimes3443Nov 2015Nov 2015Dec 6
Christmas Songs...2971Nov 2015Nov 2015Nov 21
Marilize Leguana1,28421Nov 2015Nov 2015Dec 14
Lead me not into..........1,18433Nov 2015Nov 2015Dec 13
Knock Knock63913Nov 2015Nov 2015Dec 13
Spoonin'2,53084Nov 2015Nov 2015Dec 14
Deja Vu!4276Nov 2015Nov 2015Dec 5
Anyone??1,75849Nov 2015Nov 2015Dec 13
Spread it around!1,66233Oct 2015Nov 2015Dec 13
Halloween Asteroid 20151,03720Oct 2015Nov 201519 hrs ago
Happy Halloween everybody!2,64756Oct 2015Oct 2015Dec 13
Giggles5486Oct 2015Oct 2015Nov 27
Canadian eh:)3,18563Aug 2015Oct 2015Dec 13
Good question72417Oct 2015Oct 2015Dec 7
HAPPY THANKSGIVING CANADIANS!1,64934Oct 2015Oct 2015Dec 12
When I was a wait..I still do that..78124Oct 2015Oct 2015Dec 13
Crank Yankers64612Oct 2015Oct 2015Dec 6
COPD1,71120Sep 2015Oct 2015Dec 14
Hmmmm PEI Potato Chocolate Cake!!5672Oct 2015Oct 2015Dec 10
Mean-spirited91812Sep 2015Sep 201522 hrs ago
Why are we Candian91614Sep 2015Sep 2015Dec 6
What do ya do?2,23944Sep 2015Sep 20153 hrs ago
What advice to give your younger self?1,11121Sep 2015Sep 20158 hrs ago
Who wrote it?1,33622Sep 2015Sep 201518 hrs ago
Lost grandparents advice5447Sep 2015Sep 2015Dec 13

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