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How does one spend a birthday alone?83021Aug 2015Apr 191 hrs ago
Early Valentines wish2,99766Feb 2016Feb 2016Apr 19
Just Be U1,30230Jan 2016Jan 2016Apr 13
Man-Grooming3,29982Jan 2016Jan 2016Apr 14
Time Machine4499Jan 2016Jan 2016Apr 15
Kiss me1,07719Dec 2015Dec 2015Apr 14
A Door closes1,50025Nov 2015Dec 2015Apr 16
Mistletoe someone2,78775Dec 2015Dec 2015Apr 19
Moving around1,13931Nov 2015Nov 201512 hrs ago
Ilusion85411Nov 2015Nov 2015Apr 17
My week1,74568Nov 2015Nov 2015Apr 12
Wishing for..1,33738Nov 2015Nov 2015Apr 11
Drinking beer68310Nov 2015Nov 2015Apr 14
Looooooooookkk4081Nov 2015Nov 2015Apr 11
Just saying.......72214Aug 2015Nov 2015Apr 16
Naughty Santa3,028122Nov 2015Nov 2015Apr 16
Sometimes.....just sometimes3083Nov 2015Nov 2015Apr 15
Christmas Songs...2761Nov 2015Nov 2015Apr 1
Marilize Leguana1,20521Nov 2015Nov 2015Apr 18
Lead me not into..........1,08933Nov 2015Nov 2015Apr 13
Knock Knock58513Nov 2015Nov 2015Apr 11
Spoonin'2,40484Nov 2015Nov 2015Apr 19
Deja Vu!4006Nov 2015Nov 2015Mar 18
Anyone??1,66449Nov 2015Nov 201522 hrs ago
Spread it around!1,53433Oct 2015Nov 201522 hrs ago
Halloween Asteroid 201597220Oct 2015Nov 2015Apr 19
Happy Halloween everybody!2,48156Oct 2015Oct 2015Apr 14
Giggles5266Oct 2015Oct 2015Apr 2
Canadian eh:)3,05263Aug 2015Oct 2015Apr 19
Good question65617Oct 2015Oct 2015Apr 4
HAPPY THANKSGIVING CANADIANS!1,58834Oct 2015Oct 2015Apr 16
When I was a wait..I still do that..73324Oct 2015Oct 201523 hrs ago
Crank Yankers61112Oct 2015Oct 2015Apr 3
COPD1,66320Sep 2015Oct 2015Apr 14
Hmmmm PEI Potato Chocolate Cake!!5372Oct 2015Oct 2015Apr 20
Mean-spirited87312Sep 2015Sep 2015Apr 18
Why are we Candian85714Sep 2015Sep 2015Apr 16
What do ya do?2,08544Sep 2015Sep 20158 hrs ago
What advice to give your younger self?1,05021Sep 2015Sep 2015Apr 17
Who wrote it?1,23022Sep 2015Sep 2015Apr 7
Lost grandparents advice5177Sep 2015Sep 2015Apr 18

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