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sink holes are a profit26713Nov 16Apr 244 hrs ago
if the bible is the book of god75951Dec 12Dec 172 hrs ago
my fellow americans25014Dec 13Dec 16May 15
2 messages from Russia97568Dec 12Dec 15May 17
Brooklyn817Dec 15Dec 15May 17
2 communists and their differences1284Dec 14Dec 14May 18
more lefty than Trump?1937Dec 13Dec 138 hrs ago
polygraph1586Dec 13Dec 1323 hrs ago
simens leaving1969Dec 12Dec 13May 18
and the story goes17212Dec 11Dec 1119 hrs ago
belong to ancestors35122Nov 8Dec 11May 14
I used to love her1765Dec 9Dec 9May 15
when my bicycle rode953Dec 9Dec 9May 18
laugh a little?1072Dec 9Dec 923 hrs ago
which movie has this line53835Dec 8Dec 98 hrs ago
I didn't know, really1635Dec 8Dec 9May 15
when I worked for DC2069Dec 6Dec 8May 15
made is usa. auto mechanics43826Dec 5Dec 7May 16
18 years and counting10611Dec 7Dec 7May 15
Russia Brared From 2018 Games29519Dec 5Dec 714 hrs ago
abhorrent is1998Nov 25Dec 6May 15
for millennials only2294Oct 25Dec 5May 14
had a beautiful dream last night31422Dec 4Dec 421 hrs ago
don't fear me52033Nov 30Dec 4May 15
another one gone22517Dec 3Dec 3May 15
he chanted62562Dec 2Dec 313 hrs ago
during his campaign54046Nov 29Dec 2May 15
look into my eyes41524Nov 28Dec 2May 15
what is a hero26312Nov 24Dec 2May 15
and when the clouds1723Dec 1Dec 1May 15
Friday, shove it1062Nov 27Nov 27May 15
the magazine and the president20514Nov 26Nov 26May 18
while27410Nov 25Nov 26May 16
3001,612100Nov 9Nov 2522 hrs ago
AC/DC2548Nov 20Nov 24May 18
a Harvard degree30716Nov 22Nov 24May 17
it's beginning1753Nov 18Nov 219 hrs ago
girl1080Nov 20Nov 20May 15
disrespecting his voters1,18868Nov 10Nov 196 hrs ago
sarah huckabee2107Nov 18Nov 1914 hrs ago
Leonardo Da Vinci28813Nov 17Nov 18May 18
Iceland27114Nov 18Nov 18May 15

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