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Still can’t2482Mar 22Mar 23Apr 12
Who would you like under the mistletoe for Christmas1,95248Dec 2016Dec 2016Apr 5
3 letters 3 words part42,92935Nov 2015Dec 2016Apr 5
Just joined..50410Dec 2016Dec 2016Apr 5
Ladies how good are you in the kitchen3,303201Jun 2014Nov 201615 hrs ago
Hmm2,39649Nov 2016Nov 201612 hrs ago
CS nudist camp...2,06323Nov 2016Nov 2016Apr 12
Shower or bath2,01855Nov 2016Nov 2016Apr 4
CS accessory store now open95611Oct 2016Nov 2016Apr 9
My first thread on the new look site3912Oct 2016Oct 2016Apr 4
Russian ships63110Oct 2016Oct 2016Apr 4
What would you give the person above?8,406296Aug 2015Oct 20164 hrs ago
Post a word related to the one above part 210,248301Jan 2016Apr 20168 hrs ago
4 letters 4 words part 131,067974Nov 2015Apr 2016Apr 11
Ladies...67315Feb 2016Feb 2016Apr 4
It's only one little thing...96017Feb 2016Feb 2016Apr 10
I'm moving...65812Feb 2016Feb 20167 hrs ago
Don't crap on the roses..1,38814Jan 2016Jan 2016Apr 4
Love is...2,00247Jan 2016Jan 2016Apr 4
At what age1,43531Jan 2016Jan 2016Apr 10
What is the best quality you've inherited from either of your parents?1,77657Jan 2016Jan 201617 hrs ago
So what did Santa bring you?1,50739Jan 2016Jan 2016Apr 7
Three Letters and Three Words part 318,1331,000Oct 2015Nov 20156 hrs ago
John Lennons guitar...1,29223Nov 2015Nov 2015Apr 4
North of England/ Scotland1,92133May 2015Sep 2015Apr 4
Keep one change one 6916,311808Jul 2015Aug 201512 hrs ago
First past the post.....10,266357Jan 2015Aug 20159 hrs ago
Funny thing is55216Aug 2015Aug 2015Apr 4
Pine needle tea...1,36946Aug 2015Aug 20153 hrs ago
I can't get my leg over1,71159Aug 2015Aug 2015Apr 7
love play1,49558Jul 2015Jul 2015Apr 10
An old game..75510Jul 2015Jul 2015Apr 4
Woman crashes car1,46450Jul 2015Jul 2015Apr 6
Durham.....2,55329Jun 2015Jun 2015Apr 9
Keep one add one the follow-up.....20,2501,000Feb 2015Jun 201511 hrs ago
Have you ever had a woody...1,36724Apr 2015Apr 2015Apr 7
Doctor love....56911Apr 2015Apr 2015Apr 5
Can we get an erection......1,63826Jan 2015Apr 2015Apr 4
The last WoRd..2,51580Feb 2015Mar 2015Apr 10
Keep 1 word add 1 word16,4001,000Feb 2015Feb 2015Apr 10
Do you believe in life after marriage ?........4,809168Feb 2015Feb 2015Apr 7
Why do you think men age much better than ladies?1,57550Feb 2015Feb 2015Apr 10

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