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Snowball Throw Game

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How good is your aim? Throw snowballs at Christmas themed targets. Hit Santa and get bonus coins to throw at. Throw as many snowballs as you can and get your high score!

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  • rajsekHidden Profile
    rajsekHidden Profile Aug 2016 hyderabad, India
    lots of fun
  • rainbow1956
    rainbow1956 Jul 2016 Ottawa, Quebec Canada
    Cool good game to playwave
  • young444
    young444 Jan 2016 coon rapids, Minnesota USA
    cute game.
  • oceanheart1Hidden Profile
    oceanheart1Hidden Profile Jan 2015 ottawa, Ontario Canada
    Cool nice game to playbanana
  • ellagultom
    ellagultom Apr 2014 Bogor, Indonesia
  • bear454Hidden Profile
    bear454Hidden Profile Mar 2014 stillwater, Minnesota USA
    thats a very fun and cute game like the ladies on the site
  • atif788Hidden Profile
    atif788Hidden Profile Feb 2014 dubai, United Arab Emirates
    lovaly game
  • indoreman
    indoreman Feb 2014 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England UK
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  • sahirkhan555
    sahirkhan555 Feb 2014 karachi, Sindh Pakistan
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  • leahkathrineHidden Profile
    leahkathrineHidden Profile Jan 2014 st.paul, Minnesota USA
    very fun game
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    NoonimHidden Profile Jan 2014 Bangkok, Amphoe Bang Kapi Thailand
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  • nelliaHidden Profile
    nelliaHidden Profile Jan 2014 taoyuan, Taipei Taiwan
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  • cute96x
    cute96x Jan 2014 mayo, Mayo Ireland
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  • sweetsoreal18Hidden Profile
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  • mousergirl5425
    mousergirl5425 Jan 2014 Greenfield, Wisconsin USA
    that was fun
    God Bless all and may you have a bright and prosperous New Year!!!!!!! angel heart wings lips cheering
  • kieukieu49Hidden Profile
    kieukieu49Hidden Profile Jan 2014 Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
    Merry Christmas for all of you. God bless all you and Thy will bless you all of graceful as Thy are the Lord of love.
  • kieukieu49Hidden Profile
    kieukieu49Hidden Profile Jan 2014 Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
    Merry Christmas for all of you. God bless all you and Thy will bless you all of graceful as Thy are the Lord of love.
  • faithhopeluv
    faithhopeluv Dec 2013 Perez Zeledon, San Jose Costa Rica
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  • DronningHidden Profile
    DronningHidden Profile Dec 2013 Sofia, Sofiya-Grad Bulgaria
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  • tangerine30Hidden Profile
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  • Kera777
    Kera777 Dec 2013 Nassau, Bahamas
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  • bobbybozoHidden Profile
    bobbybozoHidden Profile Dec 2013 victoria, Victoria Australia
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  • peshrawHidden Profile
    peshrawHidden Profile Dec 2013 girne, Marmara Turkey
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  • nenankoe
    nenankoe Dec 2013 denpasar, Indonesia
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  • jawowwHidden Profile
    jawowwHidden Profile Dec 2013 Hopkinsville, Kentucky USA
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  • Edwin_williams1Hidden Profile
    Edwin_williams1Hidden Profile Dec 2013 Norwich, Cleveland, England UK
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  • tomdaltonHidden Profile
    tomdaltonHidden Profile Dec 2013 Milan, Lombardy Italy
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