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Snowman Skiing Game

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Control the skiing snowman to assemble himself!

Instructions: In this game you need to control a skiing snowman. You should pick up pine cones, carrots and branches to form the eyes, noses and arms of the snowman. The faster you finish the snowman, the higher the score you get. If you hit a tree, all the parts of the snowman will fell off, and a layer of snow will also fell off and the snowman will be smaller. If you hit the trees too many times, the snowman will be destroyed.

Comments (5)

  • themreichon
    themreichon Jan 2016 oslo, Oslo Norway
    How this game works ?
  • Lost101Hidden Profile
    Lost101Hidden Profile Nov 2013 Carlsbad, California USA
    It's fun, but the skis shakefrustrated cheering
  • anganaHidden Profile
    anganaHidden Profile Sep 2011 Karachi, Islamabad Pakistan
    i like this game i have round 5dancing teddybear laugh applause beer bouquet
  • sportiveHidden Profile
    sportiveHidden Profile Feb 2010 istanbul, Marmara Turkey
    Boringthumbs down thumbs down thumbs down thumbs down
  • rajudjuiceHidden Profile
    rajudjuiceHidden Profile Nov 2009 Salmabad, Bahrain
    FANTASTIC banana