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any non-s*xual topics are ideal;post about your life,
family,pets.if your blog is at the regular section it does appear on a google search
**i tested one from here and it did not appear on google search**
i am stating anything posted here requires written permission from author to post elsewhere:same ownership rights as poetry section. 2/8/2013

A willingness to share your (platonic) stories with the other words we are keeping it real and non-s*xual. your honest blog will not be accessible by google or copied without your spam,troll,hi-jack,cross talk.
*regular bloggers were invited, male and female, who's styles are appreciated.welcome! feel free to share blogs immediately.

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June's Story

I've been a slacker this Month and here we are June 30th.
I am posting this story in videos for a change.applause


There were significant personal reasons that got me here in the first place,to where I had been wanting to go,not quite how I'd imagined it though.NEVER IS ;)
About Native Americans-I would like to say they hold very prestigious positions now,but have the anguish of knowing it was always THEIR power to own and their ancestors. As with Africans, Polynesians,basically any of the origin occupants have been f-ed with;piece by piece robbed of self identity but not their souls. Begging for Peace never halts the others' rules of escalation and war,ceaseless until every person will live in abject poverty.
There is no disconnect for them;ancestors arise in their Ghost Dance songs,dances,and sweats.
It is called "Historical Trauma".For those unwilling to stop romanticizing Indians as something more than yourself and not natural,then at least acknowledge governments have always killed women and children."Brave" behavior is instinctual.No one wants to be a hunting trophy.Symbolically or otherwise.
I chose cultures/communities to open dialogues so we can show compassion and support on real life events.
I recommend starting out with humor,their own comediennes the 1491s.
Great reference to before Columbus and can be Earthy.So no more living with stereotypes,please let us understand each other better.
There are scammers,indecent proposals that pop up on CS they do not require hatred.Evil can lurk in any gender,color,etc.Fear will not bring humanity closer together.Enjoy what I've shared, and laugh.

If you read my profile:
They are a Snake and a Coyote.
My mind meanders like a river in solitude.
And I always renew myself,let -roll off me.(Snake)
Let go,forgive,be flexible.

Coyote is a trickster,the joke is made at her own expense.Whatever's clever enough to entice her,the folly of curiosity,better than boredom.Words do entice me right over

This is for some brothers keeping it 100%


*landlord Gregg Dean Cabin owned by actor, Wallace Beery.
Jackson Hole,Grand Teton Mountains film locations for: Spencer's Mountain,(Falls Creek)River Runs Through It,Shane


And appreciation to the men..

The Glenn Exum and Paul Petzold biographies also overlap this period of time as well.From their adventures as teens to creating the Exum Mountaineering School and NOH Outward Bound Program and the National Outdoor Leadership school.

The kindest landlord I ever had was a driftboat fishing guide for Dornans on the Snake River.We lived in the cabins he relocated from the city of Jackson Hole to Wilson,Wyoming.They were originally owned by a famous 1930s actor,known for gambling/Poker back in the day.

The Dornans daughter Reade edited a clever book about both the learned art of gambling in miners' camps, and Wildlife Conservation at the Elk Refuge. "Preserving the Game". J.R.Jones,Reade Dornan
The Elk Refuge is a Fall season stop,for people from all over the world as it is at the entrance to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone.Once the snow is deep enough the give you a tour by sleigh ride among the Elk.


The Bettys both relocated to Wyoming from Wisconsin seminary school and Helene Wittmer joined them from France.They wrote Cabin Comments,and were a delight for the locals.They had for transportation horses and burros which were named after their stock investments.They shoveled their driveway by themselves-a road that I would cross country ski(provided by Dornans) down to the cabin.Their friends included the Dornans who enjoyed the Teas they held and tours of their cabin in Spring to display their mountain Daffodils.The documentation recommending their home as a preserved historical site is wonderful.It has the map,deed to the National Park,photos and their bio.
Other links about Moose,Wyoming would be Google images for Signal Mountain,Jenny's Lake,Dornan's Resort and the Betty's and Helene Wittmer.Their ranching neighbors include:

Jean Craighead George who's written My Side of the Mountain,turned into a family classic movie.Her life was spent in activism as well being a prolific children's book writer.She traveled to Alaska with her son to research wolves.Both sons had their research on grizzly bears documented by National Geographic Films.

Mardie Murie and Olaus honeymooned by dogsled and canoe while he researched caribou,later elk for Wyoming.When he passed away she continued activism and gave speeches and attended hearings.see Wikipedia.Grandmother of Conservation Movement.

Nola Brown deserves my gratitude as well as Ellen Dornan for sharing their childhood stories about dude ranching,tourists,mountain climbers and dance hall brawls.Her ranch and home are located nearby
Double Diamond Dude Ranch,also known as Climbers' Ranch is a historical site also.


Noteworthy women I referenced are:
Jean Craighead George
Mardi Murie
Ellen Dornan
The Betty's,Helen Wittmer


Might refers to peoples who are routinely overlooked as a contributing authority on plants and animals,ecology and survival-historical prevention,cures,etc.
I've raised my children in several different western states and followed this procedure each time.First,I read their newspapers,then once I got the local details I'd call the local police department about the neighborhood I would rent in,school,crime,drugs etc.You eventually compile a moving in phone list-landlord,utilities,etc.
Here's the best part of changing locations,IMHO,I study the original history at the local museum,why did other people move there,who were they culturally.Then I dig through maps and follow what nature provided before it was deemed a natural resource.I compare what uses it had for the indigenous people.Every time I found ghosts of the victims of greed,the wars,the hangings,disease,forts,extermination and attempted genocide.But I met in the flesh beautiful loving women:descendants of the indigenous,the immigrants' daughter who became a 1st generation American,city girls turned school marms,the store bought brides,cowgirls,artists,musicians,ministers of religions,healers,widows and mothers.They were women I met through performing daily assistance and hospice care located in the Teton Mountains,which divide Wyoming and Idaho,with Montana adjacent.
Their stories were of their childhood,becoming botanists,writers,
botanists,sacred pipe carriers-would never referred to themselves as "Settlers".Couldn't imagine them settling for the world as it is now.
I have always believed we can facilitate peace here and maintain a global family.If we don't cowtow* to greed.(*Which means to be servile to it)
Men do not expect us to be humanitarians without their support.We can stop being predictable,politically correct and stand for unifying principles-Let's be ingenious,anything but settlers.

Birds and Blooms

There are many posts for hot springs-to clarify YouTube account name is HSG.It has been awhile so I checked it again.There are over 130 posted now,the newer ones in foreign countries,some underwater video on his playlist.thumbs up

Birds and Blooms

Read the blog view of her bike trip,very helpful. "butt stripe" aka rear bike tire splatter on the back of your shirt.She's 50 years old and proud to have earned her stripe,the 46 mile bike trail is downhill ;) cheering

Birds and Blooms

We have some wonderful gardeners and nature lovers that contribute their photos in CS blogs and forums.
Some extra links are:
For birdsongs,the site has recordings of birdsongs from around the world.Play it in your garden,maybe it'll lure one in.
If you like unique pics of backyard projects,bird feeders or a Lil grandchild enjoying butterflies-Birds and Blooms magazine has it all.Note:they suggest-Country Women,Reminisce,and Handyman.
I have found a young couple on YouTube,that taped their hikes into every hot springs in Idaho.Another daytripfrom Idaho,the Route of the Hiawatha bike trail.The trail covers over 11 train trestles at high elevations and through 9 tunnels.Enjoy the outdoors with these videos and websites until the weather improves.Pattibouquet hug

Baseball and other garbage!


Not NASCAR!!!!

Not a fan!!

Hee Hee!

RE: Baseball and other garbage!

I feel the same way about NASCAR.
I've been to raceways with the kids when they would give out a miniature trophy and a kid could ride along for the victory lap.Lucky the kids each won an event drawing-stock car/sprints.Finale's are always the best part: a Demo Derby,then fireworks.cheering

Baseball and other garbage!

I love baseball. I once worked for a professional baseball team but my craziness has now mellowed down to watching the former "to die for" team lose! Yeah, I no longer love the team I worked for because they stabbed me in the back.

But that's ok. Now, being a born again Christian, Jesus teaching has shown me that idols destroy you. And that's exactly what the Los Angeles Dodgers did!

It's the same for my once big passion for the Raiders! They are just sports events I now just watch. I love to see the Dodgers lose and the Raiders win.

I no longer remember stats or any of that garbage that once dominated my life.

Thank you, Jesus!

RE: anything is possible

Three years later and a lot has changed for the better.After many years as a machinery operator I transitioned to office work.I enjoyed being my own boss as an operator and the pay,but it was also physically demanding(frozen food factory).I quit doing Adult Care and taking courses to certify as a Laser Surgery Assistant;it was very expensive and time consuming as a single parent.
My minor wrist injury,my daughter's hospitalization for spinal meningitis brought our family together again.After a tough winter-we decided to move to Oregon.
She has recuperated and is still working hard and playing hard.She was promoted to Concierge'/Front of the House Manager for a 5 star Bed and Breakfast,with a 4 star Restaurant/Bar.
My son worked at Mt.Ashland Ski Resort,after a few months of (free snowboarding),shoveling snow and running chairlifts he got back into peak shape then returned to working as an Adult Care Provider.When outdoors, he wears a GoPro to shoot short clips of practice jumps on his mountain bike or snowboard.With his new phone he has Instagrammed some excellent photos;sunrises,nature,etc.Like his Grandfather,he is a self taught artist in watercolors & ink. teddybear


Twins!!! In your family?

As of now 2 surviving sisters are 91 y.o. twins and my own son and daughter are twins.

We have gadzooks of twins in my family and triplets.

Whats the relatioship of the twins you mentioned?

RE: Friends

Hi Edwave
I read between the lines at that blog.It is much healthier to surround yourself with family values.I know that as mature adults our friendships are less sidetracking than during our coming of legal age.Many people are experiencing the isolation and backlash of partying too hard,or never became a prodigal son.God Welcomed You and answered the prayers of all involved.My family is reforming now that the twins turned 26 and are putting that behind them.applause

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