Top Ten Songs I love

These songs are what I listen to the most. TO either express how I feel, or help with feelings.

Runaway-Kanye West ft T-Pusha

Runaway-Kanye West ft T-Pusha
this song makes me feel alive whenever I listen to. I escape in it's lyrical meanings.

The Way I Am-Eminem

The Way I Am-Eminem
I play this whenever someone makes a judgement about me and makes me angry..

Beauty In the World-Macy Gray

Beauty In the World-Macy Gray
I play this song to give me a positive vibe and to start my mornings off right. Play it and you'll agree it has a great message.

I Need A Dr.-Eminem and Dr.Dre

I Need A Dr.-Eminem and Dr.Dre
this song is such a classic and I don't go a day without blasting it. Eminem's passion is amazing!! You feel their hurt and chemistry.

Single-Natasha Beddingfield

Single-Natasha Beddingfield
I play this song because of my status. I jam to this just about every weekend because I don't go out much and it helps me feel better.

LoveGame-Lady Gaga

LoveGame-Lady Gaga
how can you not like at least one of her songs. This one is one of my favorites.

Poker Face-Lady Gaga

Poker Face-Lady Gaga
this beat is intoxicating !!!

Not Afraid-Eminem

Not Afraid-Eminem
this song has helped me through the darkest days of my life and Wouldn't have lasted through anxiety last summer without him!

Obsessed-Mariah Carey

Obsessed-Mariah Carey
I love this tune. Wanted to play this to all my xes that couldnt let go of me.

Petals-Mariah Carey

this song is sad, but it is the most peaceful song I have ever heard It helps me fall asleep if I can't.

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When it comes to music we all have different taste, you to yours and me to mine...

My 10 would be, and in no particular order...

Crystal Gazing / Be bop deluxe...
Ocean Gypsy / Renaissance...
To be over / Yes...
Still you turn me on / ELP...
40 years after the fair / Aimee Mann...
Tea for One / Kevin Gilbert...
Anna Lee / Dream Theatre...
Norweigen wood / The Beatles...
All on a Sunday / Spocks Beard...
Hurt / Johnny Cash...

All the above are ballad type songs, and would sit well with any listening audience (id like to think), you'll see the other side of my musical taste in the video section...

Good luck and happy listening...

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