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Forty Thieves Solitaire Game

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Clear the 40 thieves in this solitaire card game.

Instructions: In this solitaire card game you need to move all the cards to the 8 foundation piles at the upper right corner. The foundation piles must be built in suit from A to K. You can use the tableau piles (the middle 10 piles) to hole the cards temporarily while you build up the cards in the foundation piles. Each time you can only move the top card in a tableau pile, and you can put a card in a tableau pile only if it has the same suit and is 1 point smaller than the top card in the pile. There is a stock card on the top left and you can click the pile and turn a card to the waste pile. You can move the top card from the waste pile to the foundation or tableau piles. When you have used all the stock cards, and you still cannot put all the cards to the foundation, then you lose the game.

Comments (56)

  • SlavicaN
    SlavicaN Mar 29 Beograd, Serbia
    applause banana cheering dancing peace yay teddybear
  • Curiousfor2016
    Curiousfor2016 Jan 11 Barataria, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Shore2please
    Shore2please Dec 2016 Egg Harbor Twp, New Jersey USA
    This is the hardest game of solitaire of any kind I have ever played..took me 5 nights of 4 hours each time to finally make it to finish the game and earn 52 points....banana cheering applause wave dancing
  • simiyah
    simiyah Dec 2016 Kingston, Kingston Jamaica
    Getting the same message too...We're sorry our games donot work on mobile devices at this time.
    Note: If you view this page on a desktop computer the game will load here
    But it is not loading from yesterday
  • flmfmc
    flmfmc Dec 2016 Lower Cumming, Georgia USA
    What is up with games not working with laptops? Is this temporary or permanent?
  • Natural44Hidden Profile
    Natural44Hidden Profile Feb 2016 Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    frustrated frustrated 18500doh
  • germantourist
    germantourist Sep 2015 freibug, Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany
    first time I finished this game applause doh
  • cprblk
    cprblk Apr 2015 Aydin-didim, Aegean Turkey
    dancing dancing dancing dancing HEH HEH HEEHHH SEE YOU AGAINNNNconversing conversing hug hug
  • scorpionlovely
    scorpionlovely Nov 2014 Hollis, New York USA
  • birdybirdyHidden Profile
    birdybirdyHidden Profile Feb 2014 Agra, Oklahoma USA
    That sucks...I won a couple of hours ago and now. It bumped my first win off of the board.....
  • naughtyboy_78Hidden Profile
    naughtyboy_78Hidden Profile Feb 2014 ontario, Ontario Canada
    this game sucks.
  • simiyah
    simiyah Dec 2013 Kingston, Kingston Jamaica
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  • evropaHidden Profile
    evropaHidden Profile Sep 2013 Zajecar, Central Serbia Serbia
  • Nicola_RobinHidden Profile
    Nicola_RobinHidden Profile Sep 2013 kingston, Kingston Jamaica
    can anyone tell me how to play solitaire i can play other ones but not this. i read the instruction but still not getting it.
  • evropaHidden Profile
    evropaHidden Profile Sep 2013 Zajecar, Central Serbia Serbia
    thumbs up
  • StarNationHidden Profile
    StarNationHidden Profile Aug 2013 Melbourne, Victoria Australia
    wave wave
  • StarNationHidden Profile
    StarNationHidden Profile Aug 2013 Melbourne, Victoria Australia
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  • jazzilee52
    jazzilee52 May 2013 Tampa, Florida USA
    Ok I am not stupid...but this game is whipping my butt all over the place.Does anyone have any hints as how to play it and win.just one game that is all i want,,hell not sure i am even playing right,,,crap i might be stupid...HELP ME...
  • mary_p
    mary_p Feb 2013 cork, Cork Ireland
    wooo hooo at lastdancing
  • K1963Hidden Profile
    K1963Hidden Profile Jan 2013 Kitchener, Ontario Canada
    Oh, the icon dropped. Let's put it back up again, lol.
  • debz1203
    debz1203 Nov 2012 Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England UK
    Oh Yehh! Oh Yehh! banana dancing
  • amagdaHidden Profile
    amagdaHidden Profile Oct 2012 Ipswich, Suffolk, England UK
    yay peace
  • queenMISSYHidden Profile
    queenMISSYHidden Profile Sep 2012 Texarkana, TX, Texas USA
    I keep getting a totally blank game box when I try to play. Is anyone else having similar problems? Does anyone have any suggestions for getting the actual game to show?
  • Kelz35Hidden Profile
    Kelz35Hidden Profile Aug 2012 Hamilton, Waikato New Zealand
    Finally got it yah!!!!
  • cassius2000Hidden Profile
    cassius2000Hidden Profile May 2012 letterkenny, Donegal Ireland
    finally got it.banana banana banana
  • sharina
    sharina May 2012 dublin, Dublin Ireland
    banana yeah!!!
  • alf4uHidden Profile
    alf4uHidden Profile May 2012 Kristianstad, Skane Sweden
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  • sharina
    sharina May 2012 dublin, Dublin Ireland
    banana yippeeeeeeeeeeeeyay
  • alf4uHidden Profile
    alf4uHidden Profile Apr 2012 Kristianstad, Skane Sweden
    Have fun and a nice day! grin
  • wlumarryme
    wlumarryme Apr 2012 kabul, Afghanistan
    i have problem playing game ,
    what about u guyz
  • sharina
    sharina Apr 2012 dublin, Dublin Ireland
    how long will it last..grin
  • PhantomAgentHidden Profile
    PhantomAgentHidden Profile Mar 2012 Sydney, New South Wales Australia
    Little buddy to the dance......banana
  • K1963Hidden Profile
    K1963Hidden Profile Feb 2012 Kitchener, Ontario Canada
    Just bringing the icon back up again.
    Love the game.
  • K1963Hidden Profile
    K1963Hidden Profile Jan 2012 Kitchener, Ontario Canada
    Putting the icon on the top...hate to scroll to second page in order to find it, lol.
  • K1963Hidden Profile
    K1963Hidden Profile Jan 2012 Kitchener, Ontario Canada
    Ooops, dropped to the next page...had to bring it back, lol.
  • hutaneneHidden Profile
    hutaneneHidden Profile Nov 2011 Gisborne, Gisborne New Zealand
    Yes peace
  • Yash124gHidden Profile
    Yash124gHidden Profile Nov 2011 Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland UK
    applause Got lucky again.. grin cool
  • sunflower36Hidden Profile
    sunflower36Hidden Profile Oct 2011 St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland UK
    Back on top for 2 mins anyway yay

    g'night sleep
  • irishbad1Hidden Profile
    irishbad1Hidden Profile Oct 2011 whitecourt, Alberta Canada
    this game is so easy, i'm getting high score about once a day!
  • Yash124gHidden Profile
    Yash124gHidden Profile Sep 2011 Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland UK
    Yippee!! banana dancing dog elephant boogie dancing