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Lets Communicate How will we know each other Group

Let's Communicate, How will we know each other? Group

Ok, so I have looked in at the groups, joined some, try to communicate, but there is a lack of communication. We all know that some are here on CS looking for friends, some for love, some for marriage, and som........just for a good time(look out ppl).

So lets come together and communicate, there is nothing to be shy about, we can be silly and funny sometimes and even that trait may cause someone to fall in love with another person.

Some may be intellectual, therefore constructive communication could occur and some ppl just fall in love the intellectuals

So come and be yourself, let someone see you, the real you, not who you think they want to see.


a. no scammers plz
b. no players, just be straight-forward
c. be friendly
d. communicate, how else would you get to know each other and find your match
e. respect each other's boundaries

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how can you be positive when everything is so negative .

my biggest bug bear on here. you take time to view profiles . then it hits you last on line 2014 . why do CS not delete untouched profiles and keep things up to date . I am a no pic by choice. pics are just a moment captured in time . to me the real thing always tells the true story . plus putting yourself out to meet others . means you have made the effort . ( it only takes a spark to start a fire ) my view on scammers is simple . stay on this site . do not use other e- mail addresses . if you give nothing away you have not been scammed . if it sounds to good to be true then it is give it a wide birth

Be positive

I'm one of many men in my age are looking to something special...I know it's might be difficult to confirm the realty of all narrated data within the CS profile, hence we have to build a real trustworthy to go on before any step ahead.
We used to talk..we used to laugh ..we used to consider our mutual circumstances on all levels ...No need to escape if we might face something not matching each other...that's life...doesn't running on one good track..
Patience & tolerance are the main factors to establish a real relation for the future to comewave wave bouquet


hello anyone here
quarterhorseonline today!

RE: frustrated

That is a a very good Question ... i have had a number of requests for email add... earlier i believed they were serious ... but not anymore ... even 2 days ago ... i sent a " test run " email from my online email... ( if it goes astray .. i can cancel it and make a new one''.... saves your identity if it does).... the lady sounded so sincere and real but deep down i am cautious ... so how in blazes can one respond truthfully in instances like this ... and as you say above .. it is soul destroying when you just get one liners ... i am frustrated too so just say goodbye ... ::frustrated: ...confused ...::handshake:


I am very message someone..........they don't try word communication........people how are you going to meet someone or get to know them if you wont even answer an email!

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