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I want to get married Group Do you still believe in marriage in nowadays?or you prefer to stay single? For people who want to get married,settle down and build up a family with someone who they love....

RE: Do you still want to get married?

I was married years ago and loved it. apparently my exwife didnt like commitment as much as me. ive been single since then living my alone without that spark is a curse.

RE: Do you still want to get married?

I would love to get married if I find the right person.

RE: Do you still want to get married?

St Peter says it's good to get married! But it's better to remain single?


Why do you lie? Why not just be Honest?teddybear


I wish to find my soulmate to share my life with ths life u need someone to love and be loved bck


Yes, I believe in Marriage.: teddybear:
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RE: Hello everyone..

I hope you couldnt find :)

RE: Why most of the European girls avoid Asian men?

because men, or people are like the birds, or species...
they look for their own tribe, lol.yay

RE: hi,everyone

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RE: holla

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RE: Looking my Soulmate.,,,,Are You?

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RE: looking for marriage with mature lady..any interested?????

Me too looking for marriage. anyone interested, please contact.

RE: Why most of the European girls avoid Asian men?

I don't think that the European girls avoid marrying Asian man. you need to properly understand a girl irrespective of her race and origin and than proceed, the success is yours.

Why most of the European girls avoid Asian men?

Does anyone answer, why most of the European girls avoid Asian Men? However, They are very loving and caring.

me too

Iam single woman latin ,atractive ,honest and good values . I looking for one white good looking man atractive honest decent caring stable in all for seious relationship end marriege.Please only nice and good people scammers games people go away.

Origins of Marriage

I forgot to mention I already know this question Im just wanting a different point of view

Origins of Marriage

Does anyone here know why men get on one knee to propose?


who up lets talk


Happy Sunday to everyone

RE: Do you still want to get married?

People in the western world live more and more in their personalised bubbles of information, the world around them veiled, twisted and distorted to a terribly reduced, comfortable, but dishonest spectacle of reality. Under such conditions, many lose the ability to position themselves inside something greater, moreover many lose the ability to tolerate difference to this personalised sedation chamber. How can one person then commit to a life-long companionship? Either they project lies onto the image of their partners, or they bugger about their "failure" for the rest of their married lives. It is crucial to acknowledge that there are things beyond ourselves, weird and uncomfortable, but no less beautiful ones, and that partnership does not have to be smooth and seamless, it has to be built. It is a one of a kind journey, and yes, I am very much looking forward to it.

open marriage or open minded partner

what are your views on open marriage or open minded partner... newer and newer relations such as polygamy polyamory swingings r on the floor and in this era open minded partner is really stress free life

RE: hi

So why no pic

Married me

I am ready

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