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Aloe (1)

Discovered Aloe cured my sinus driven migraines when juicing it to cure bleeding stomach ulcer grin Works from the inside out. People have commented on my hair & skin Mmmmmm! Aloe is wonderful. If I stop drinking it, everything reverts to where it was before. Best of all, if you have sinus problems, gets those nasal passages whistle clean! ..That's without any "snollies" what so ever in the nose! How to pick Aloe: When you break off a leaf you must break it clean off against the stem so that you retain the white creamy looking bit that's attached to the stem as this is the laxative part that cleans you out. (Very important!). How to prepare: (have a whole lot of Aloe growing all about my garden "The smaller variety of aloe plants is what I would recommend is I think the one called Aloe Ferox [I'm sure it's ferox but anyway aloe is aloe]) You can cook it to get the bitterness out but best to drink as a green smoothie bitter and all [an acquired taste] ..To prepare: With a potato peeler I go once over spikes removing them, chop up over bowl to catch all the sap, skin leaves & all... With stick blender using a 750 ml container adding about a cup boiled water I work it with stick blender into a green smoothie. Keep it in fridge & sip sip sip sip sip! dancing grin grin thumbs up wine
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