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RE: Healing with Crystals

Did not know that salt water immersion could dissolve certain crystals.

any body alive here

hi i am new here & hi to all of u,


Discovered Aloe cured my sinus driven migraines when juicing it to cure bleeding stomach ulcer grin Works from the inside out. People have commented on my hair & skin Mmmmmm! Aloe is wonderful. If I stop drinking it, everything reverts to where it was before. Best of all, if you have sinus problems, gets those nasal passages whistle clean! ..That's without any "snollies" what so ever in the nose! How to pick Aloe: When you break off a leaf you must break it clean off against the stem so that you retain the white creamy looking bit that's attached to the stem as this is the laxative part that cleans you out. (Very important!). How to prepare: (have a whole lot of Aloe growing all about my garden "The smaller variety of aloe plants is what I would recommend is I think the one called Aloe Ferox [I'm sure it's ferox but anyway aloe is aloe]) You can cook it to get the bitterness out but best to drink as a green smoothie bitter and all [an acquired taste] ..To prepare: With a potato peeler I go once over spikes removing them, chop up over bowl to catch all the sap, skin leaves & all... With stick blender using a 750 ml container adding about a cup boiled water I work it with stick blender into a green smoothie. Keep it in fridge & sip sip sip sip sip! dancing grin grin thumbs up wine

RE: Healing with Crystals

I was also interested in crystals and even collected them.
- There is nothing wrong with that, but I have moved on ...

However since about 1997, I have packed them away safely, not to be 'disturbed' and switched to Tachyon products, as these are much more powerful and even have a "self-cleaning" effect for the so called 'bad energy'.
This goes together with the high frequency vibrational energy they 'attract' and focus.

The products are not cheep, but they work, basically forever, if you don't break them.
I even use them to do colour tests and colour therapy with them, too.
Energy Healing is a very new field and we will still learn a lot over the next years.
Opening up energy points and Chakras, releasing blockages on the meridians, balancing body energy is all possible.
I have had people with an aura (energy field of less than 30cm), after about an hour, they left with an aura field of up to 315cm (about 10x then before), which I recall as the maximum since I record the aura as well. I should also note that the level of body (life) energy was 47% before and 98% after the treatment, of that specific person.

Since about 8 months I always combine a small Energy Treatment with many other treatments now and the patients just love my 'experiments', as they can directly see the results.
- Between every step I do an energy test. That takes a little longer, but one can verify the result straight away.

Some Tachyon products have spirals engraved in them, to help the energy turn in a clockwise rotation (spin), even more.
You should experience how effective these are for (re-energizing) foods and drinks.

Hope this gave some insight into this matter ...

thai message and yoga

this is great for any one and want to teach and heal looking for people to help with physical compensation and movement with out pain and difficulty!

RE: Healing with Crystals

For someone who knows nothing at all about crystals and their healing properties,which should I use?

RE: ~Ten Ways to Make Peace With The Past And Create A New Future~

Hi great post and some of it very relevant to my life right now. I know that the post is 2 years old. Funny how just clicking on a group and reading down the list of posts I came across this one and felt a need to read it.



Where is everybody??! What happened to the enthusiasm?
Why did most of you lose interest? Do you know how many
Ghost Ships there are out sailing today, pilotless, and
rudderless? At least ten groups I have encountered so far,
and one of those had a paper membership in excess of 250!

confused help conversing


I am loving this group. It is good to share alternative life style with people similar to my self. Life can get very lonely when you think outside the box.

80-year-old local farmar vs modern orthopedic doc

I was not able to move my right shoulder above neck due to injury in an accident happened about 2 month ago. I used all medicine x-ray and prescription from the orthopedic specialists of hospital but all that proved useless.

The man i visited yesterday just treated my shoulder injury in one minute and no cost. On the spot he told me to raise hand srtaight upward and i am surprised to find moving hand without any pain.

Within one second he find the displaced muscle and make it alligned by rotating may hand in perticular way.

*All this proves that present time medical science is not the only one solution to all problems instead some ancient techniques are more useable and scientific than accaradiated degrees of health specialist except in the field of surgery.

*This proves that in the race of modernity humans had lost some real great knowledge and techniques and will increasingly going to do so perticularly in the field of higest order of supernatural zone of psycho.

*All this proves that so said experts are not truly best of available options.

RE: Alternative Therapies

Hi Jacy

You will LOVE listening to Alan Watt on

Alternative Therapies cherokee indian

Alternative Therapies cherokee indian
if your interested in Alternative Therapies
ill be glad share native american wayyay

RE: ~Ten Ways to Make Peace With The Past And Create A New Future~

THANK YOU lacy30 ! Lost my Diane five years ago to cancer. I have been searching for a guide to get my life back along with my self confidence.
I have ADD, SAD, and Candida witch leads to other complications.
This I will read daily to help me focus.Bless you. Nicholasuh oh yay handshake

~Ten Ways to Make Peace With The Past And Create A New Future~

10 Ways to Make Peace With Your Past And Create A New Future
Current mood: touched
Category: Life
Amazing how God works... I received this in a Myspace Bulletin from one of my friends, who had no idea what my situation was...and had no idea how this perfectly fit into my life right then... they had no idea how much I needed this..

~Ten Ways to Make Peace With The Past And Create A New Future~

Everyone comes into life with a purpose. You are a unique expression of the universal life force at the foundation of your being. Spirit guides you from the moment your life begins, and the people and events of your life reflect your soul's journey.

*No one else ever has or will affect the world as you do. With every act, word or thought, you are adding to All-That-Is.*

Your family is your first and most influential bond. What you learn from them colors the the way you see yourself and the world. As a child, your physical helplessness makes you dependent on the people closest to you for survival. Too often those relationships are destructive instead of supportive. The family you join already has tendencies: patterns, beliefs, and attitudes which they expect you to share. Going along gets you what you need, so you adapt to fit in. But when you ignore your instincts, you don't feel right. You create the opposite of what you intend.

The good news is you don't have to be a victim of your upbringing. Although a dysfunctional family can crush your self-esteem, confuse you, and wreck your relationships, the distortion of your natural instincts can be reversed. Your problems can show you what you don't want and inspire you to go after what you'd rather have, so you can set yourself free to become the person you want to be and building a life you love.

This doesn't necessarily mean getting along better with your relatives. You make peace with the past by treating difficult situations, thoughts, and feelings as opportunities to unravel the knots in your heart and mind that keep you from realizing your dreams. You create a new future by drawing on your innate wisdom to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. When you do your best, you tap into a power that's been within you all along, in even the worst circumstances, even when you weren't aware of it.

No matter what happens, trust that what you go through will enlighten you. Don't be discouraged. The most important thing is dedication to trying new things and learning from your experience. Change doesn't happen overnight—it comes little by little, more and more, deepening your ability to love, create, and make a difference personally and in society.

So how do you go about doing this?

Here are ten ways to spark change in your life and relationships:

Healing with Crystals

There are many different crystals and minerals that can be of benefit
to us. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and compositions.
Crystals carry a corresponding "note" or "sound." In learning to
recognize your own personal energy, you will be drawn to crystals
which exhibit a similar energy. All varieties of crystals and
gemstones emit their own unique electrical frequencies. These
frequencies work in harmony with our own human magnetic fields
(aura). By placing a crystal in your aura, your aura's energy
changes. Often the effects are indirect but very potent.
Crystals and gemstones can be used as healing aids. The vibrational
energies of the gemstones work to open and balance the chakras. There
are 7 major chakras. Each chakra requires its own healing stones.
When these healing stones and crystals are placed on the appropriate
chakra, their energy creates healing.
Crystals will lighten your spirit, while calming and balancing your

Cleansing A Crystal

Once you have selected a crystal that suits you, it is necessary to
prepare it for use. After a crystal is mined, it has been handled by
many people. Each person who touches the crystal leaves his/her
energy imprint upon it. It is important that your crystal is
imprinted with your special energy. To eradicate the unwanted
vibrations, immerse your crystal in sea salt for several days. Sea
salt will make your crystal bright and clear, remove imperfections,
and energy imprints.

Please be advised!
Do not immerse crystals in salt water without

knowing your crystals composition first.
Some crystals will dissolve if this is done to them.


Reflexology is the physical act of applying pressure to the feet and hand with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. it is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands with a premise that such work effects a physical change to the body. (The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology (Third Edition))

What is the history of reflexology?
Around the world and throughout history reflexology has been rediscovered and reinstated as a health practice time and time again by peoples around the globe seeking to deal with health concerns. Archeological evidence Egypt (2330 BCE), China (2704 BCE) and Japan (690 CE) points to ancient reflexology medical systems. In the West the concept of reflexology began to emerge in the 19th century, based on research into the nervous system and reflex. While no direct evidence of direct cross-fertilization from ancient times has been discovered, the practice of foot and hand work in a variety of cultures, belief systems and historical periods speaks to reflexology for health as a universal bridging concept.

How does reflexology work?
There are many theories but in our approach we look at the nervous system as the explanation of reflexology's working.

Pressure sensors in the feet and hands are a part of the body's reflexive response that makes possible the "fight or flight" reaction to danger. Feet ready to flee and hands ready to fight communicate with the body's internal organs to make possible wither eventuality. The sudden adrenal surge that enables a person to lift a car is an example of this reaction. Reflexology taps into this reflex network, providing an exercise of pressure sensors and thus the internal organs to which they are inextricably tied.

Where do you apply technique?
We apply techniques to the feet and hands. There is a school of thought that also applies it to the ear arguing it is also reflexology. The techniques, however, are modified from auricular therapy, an acupuncture technique.

It could be argued that all bodywork is reflexive therefore reflexology. We find that the extremities have a powerful influence because of locomotion. While we acknowledge that repeated patterns exist throughout the body we find our most effective focus to be the feet and hands.

How Is Technique Applied?
Pressure is applied to the feet and hands using specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. Stretch and movement techniques are utilized as "desserts" to provide relaxation to the foot. Oil, cream and lotion is not utilized in traditional reflexology work. Tools or instruments are used for self help application only due to safety concerns.

How Reflex Area Charts or Maps Organized?
The body is reflected on the feet or hands. Left foot/hand reflects the left side of the body and the right foot/hand the right side. The spine reflex area runs down the insides of the foot and hand with reflex areas for the arm and shoulder reflected toward the outside of the foot or hand. The toes and fingers reflect head and neck reflex areas as well as those of the internal parts of the body they enclose. The ball of the foot mirrors the chest and upper back in addition the heart and lungs. At the base of the long bones of the feet and hands is represented the waistline of the body. Portions of the body above its waistline are mirrored above this line toward the toes or fingers and those below the waistline toward the heels of the foot or hand. Internal organs lying above the body's waistline are reflected by reflex areas above this line while those below the waistline are mirrored below this line.

Alternative Therapies

I have a huge interest in Energy therapies that incorporate Reiki, Reflexology, meditation, visualization, and light touch massage. I would love to chat about those type of topics.
I've also had Cranial Sacrial Trauma Release therapy which was wonderful and very intense. It not only helped to aleviate physical chronic pain, but helped me to find the emotional root of the problem that was causing the pain. Cranial Sacrial therapy reminds me of a combination of Reiki (there is warm energy, light touch) and a counseling session rolled into one, where you can share your concerns and areas for concern with the practioner. One of my other favorite therapies I have also received is called, Aura Soma Reading. This is considered an energy therapy. It's where there are many different colored bottles lined up that contained colored oil and it's based on the client choosing 4 different bottles according to the colors they are most drawn to. Each bottle represents something different that's going on in the person's life. Bottle # 1 represents the person's soul, and speaks volumes about their core personality. Bottle #2 is their current challenge in life. Bottle # 3 is where they are coming from/what they are currently experiencing. Bottle #4 is what the future may bring. It too was a great experience and was very accurate.
I'll be posting some informational threads about some of these subjects and look forward to getting to know other like-minded people in this group at it grows.


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