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Healing with Crystals (4)

There are many different crystals and minerals that can be of benefit
to us. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors, and compositions.
Crystals carry a corresponding "note" or "sound." In learning to
recognize your own personal energy, you will be drawn to crystals
which exhibit a similar energy. All varieties of crystals and
gemstones emit their own unique electrical frequencies. These
frequencies work in harmony with our own human magnetic fields
(aura). By placing a crystal in your aura, your aura's energy
changes. Often the effects are indirect but very potent.
Crystals and gemstones can be used as healing aids. The vibrational
energies of the gemstones work to open and balance the chakras. There
are 7 major chakras. Each chakra requires its own healing stones.
When these healing stones and crystals are placed on the appropriate
chakra, their energy creates healing.
Crystals will lighten your spirit, while calming and balancing your

Cleansing A Crystal

Once you have selected a crystal that suits you, it is necessary to
prepare it for use. After a crystal is mined, it has been handled by
many people. Each person who touches the crystal leaves his/her
energy imprint upon it. It is important that your crystal is
imprinted with your special energy. To eradicate the unwanted
vibrations, immerse your crystal in sea salt for several days. Sea
salt will make your crystal bright and clear, remove imperfections,
and energy imprints.

Please be advised!
Do not immerse crystals in salt water without

knowing your crystals composition first.
Some crystals will dissolve if this is done to them.
For someone who knows nothing at all about crystals and their healing properties,which should I use?
I was also interested in crystals and even collected them.
- There is nothing wrong with that, but I have moved on ...

However since about 1997, I have packed them away safely, not to be 'disturbed' and switched to Tachyon products, as these are much more powerful and even have a "self-cleaning" effect for the so called 'bad energy'.
This goes together with the high frequency vibrational energy they 'attract' and focus.

The products are not cheep, but they work, basically forever, if you don't break them.
I even use them to do colour tests and colour therapy with them, too.
Energy Healing is a very new field and we will still learn a lot over the next years.
Opening up energy points and Chakras, releasing blockages on the meridians, balancing body energy is all possible.
I have had people with an aura (energy field of less than 30cm), after about an hour, they left with an aura field of up to 315cm (about 10x then before), which I recall as the maximum since I record the aura as well. I should also note that the level of body (life) energy was 47% before and 98% after the treatment, of that specific person.

Since about 8 months I always combine a small Energy Treatment with many other treatments now and the patients just love my 'experiments', as they can directly see the results.
- Between every step I do an energy test. That takes a little longer, but one can verify the result straight away.

Some Tachyon products have spirals engraved in them, to help the energy turn in a clockwise rotation (spin), even more.
You should experience how effective these are for (re-energizing) foods and drinks.

Hope this gave some insight into this matter ...
Did not know that salt water immersion could dissolve certain crystals.
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