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i wanna live and work in canada .................how?
From what I understand, you need to apply for a worker's visa. If you get it you can live and work in Canada.
Oh and a passport of course.
Only speaking from experience, the first best n most important thing to do is try to find someone in the area you are visiting, moving to, or vacationing at, who can Sponsor you, by this i mean that Sponsoring doesn't cost anyome a penny, but there is a but....the Sponsor must be responsible for you every second of your time n whereabouts of you n your family...the communication goes thru at the Border crossings only n not thru Immigration (that's too much red Tape), the Border officer must call the Sponsor must be agree to sponsor you n allows you to visit here...all in all that if you have a sponsor, do not go thru immigration or anywhere else except at the Border where an Officer will have to call the Sponsor to allow you clearance...
do you understand ?
riyadh44444: i wanna live and work in canada .................how?
Hello how are you doing friends
Hello, am fine. Hope you do.
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