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Q. Can members be banned from this site?

A. This site has rules to protect members and their experience here. Knowing, accepting and following the rules is required for membership. It is not site staff's responsibility to warn you when you break them.

  • Members who break the rules or whose behavior on the site, blogs, or forums is unacceptable may be removed without warning.
  • Members who attempt to use the site for reasons other than dating (such as soliciting of ANY kind, money or romance scam, building mailing lists, identity theft, multiple or fake profiles, or any suspicious activity) will be removed without notice.
  • Members under legal age will be removed.
  • If the profile of someone you have been communicating with suddenly disappears, they have likely been removed for safety and quality of the site and members. No warning or notice will be sent.
Although it's common to hear a banned member complain about the rules, or that members who reported them got them banned...this is NOT true! When banning is necessary, it was the member's own bad behavior that got them banned. Members are adults and held accountable for their own actions here.

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