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How do I join hrs ago1,1372Oct 2017
Is Connecting Singles really FREE? If so, why?Apr 209289Nov 2017
How long does it take to Register?Apr 132451Nov 2017
Why do you ask for my Birthdate?Apr 201490Nov 2017
Why do you ask for my Email Address?14 hrs ago1720Nov 2017
What to consider when choosing my Username?Apr 131972Nov 2017
Why do you ask for my Postal Code?Apr 191410Nov 2017
It says my Postal Code is invalid?Apr 211340Nov 2017
Good Relationships Are Built on HonestyApr 111893Nov 2017
Logging In
Why can't I Login?Apr 214,0671Nov 2017
What if I forget my password?Apr 72610Nov 2016
How do I change my password?Apr 152250Nov 2017
My password appears in the login box whenever I visit Connecting Singles. How do I stop this?Apr 41811Nov 2016
The login page keeps appearingApr 161870Jun 2015
Why do I have to enter a Captcha Code every time I login?24 hrs ago6141Nov 2017
How do I Log Out?5 hrs ago2,4972Nov 7
Edit Profile
How do I Edit my Profile?9 hrs ago6723Nov 2017
How do I Edit my Gender?Apr 211362Oct 2017
How do I Edit my Age?11 hrs ago1161Oct 2017
How do I Edit my Location?Apr 131371Oct 2017
How do I edit My Details (Body Type, Hair Color, Height, etc.)?Apr 14800Oct 2017
How do I edit my Narrative Text (the text I wrote on my Profile)?Apr 181270Oct 2017
How do I edit my Match Details?Apr 201370Oct 2017
How do I Edit my Email Address?Apr 151271Oct 2017
How do I edit my Extended Info (free form text about religion, education, ethnicity, and occupation)?Apr 17780Oct 2017
Can I change my username?Apr 153273Nov 2017
My Account
Why did my profile get deleted?18 hrs ago1,2155Oct 2017
Why did my photo get deleted?Apr 91760Oct 2017
Why is my profile NOT approved yet? Is something wrong?1 hrs ago1,55621Oct 2017
Why does my profile say that I'm online, when I'm not?24 hrs ago4052Nov 2017
Uploading Photos
How do I upload a photo to my Profile?6 hrs ago3081Dec 2017
I am having trouble uploading or emailing my photo.23 hrs ago1780Oct 2017
How do I send my photos to CS by EMAIL?Apr 201710Jan 2018
How do I send my photos to CS by MAIL?6 hrs ago1380Oct 2017
What format and size Photo does accept?Apr 141191Jan 2018
Why did my photo get deleted (or get moved from being primary)?Apr 214360Oct 2017
How do I delete my photo?Apr 91462Dec 2017
How do I change my primary Photo? (the one that appears in search results)Apr 151020Dec 2017
How do I add a caption for my photo?Apr 9591Dec 2017
How do I Rotate my photo?Apr 91040Dec 2017
How do I Crop my photo?Apr 9770Dec 2017
Hide/Cancel My Account
How do I hide my profile?Apr 206423Oct 2017
How do I UN-hide my profile?Apr 181900Oct 2017
What happens when I hide my profile?18 hrs ago3525Oct 2017
How do I cancel my account?32 mins ago2,25310Oct 2017
What happens when I cancel my account?Apr 164637Oct 2017
How do I Reactivate my Account (after I have cancelled it)?Apr 183193Oct 2017
Someone I was chatting with, now it says they are hidden. What does this mean?Apr 20741Dec 12
How do I search, what are the different searches?Apr 161250Nov 2017
How do I do an Advanced Search?Apr 201040Oct 2017
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