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Why did my profile get deleted?2,7202340Oct 2017
How do I join,651719May 2020
How can I block a member and keep them from contacting me?3,1922119May 2020
Why is my profile NOT approved yet? Is something wrong?4,5996318Oct 2017
Top 17 most Common Scams on a Dating Site?56,17446415May 2020
Why can't I Login?8,5771114May 2020
How do I Log Out?17,796712May 2020
My mail disappeared with a member I was talking to1,20138Nov 2017
Can I change my username?1,02058May 2020
Top 13 warning signs that a member is a Scammer?30,6806197May 2020
Can members be banned from this site?1,90256Nov 2017
Why are my messages blocked?52314May 2020
How do I contact another member?44234May 2020
Why did my photo get deleted (or get moved from being primary)?1,03204May 2020
How do I hide my profile?1,64844May 2020
How long does it take to Register?62654May 2020
I am having trouble uploading or emailing my photo.49734May 2020
How do I cancel my account?5,613144May 2020
I am not receiving mail notices from ConnectingSingles when I get email on the site.2,16044May 2020
How do I Edit my Location?38333May 2020
What happens when I Block someone?69333Nov 2017
How can I remove something I posted to the forums?31313Nov 2017
I received a notice that I have mail on the site, but it is not there.1,05943Nov 2017
Someone I was talking to disappeared from the site. Where are they?38622Nov 2017
How do I Edit my Profile?1,65492May 2020
I want to contact a member, but I do not meet their Block Settings?93422Nov 2017
How do I post youtube videos in my Forum Posts?26302Oct 2017
How do I delete a Compatibility Quiz?21202Nov 2017
How do I upload a photo to my Profile?85142Aug 2020
Why am I not getting any responses?27402May 2020
What happens when I cancel my account?1,305102Oct 2017
Cookie Login Problems89602May 2020
How do I use the Meet Me Feature?36422May 2020
How do I block members from a certain location, age group or marital status from mailing me?42432May 2020
Every time I login, it says my email is invalid.34621May 2020
How do I view New Members?18511May 2020
Someone I was chatting with, now it says they are hidden. What does this mean?76031May 2020
How do I turn ON Who's Viewed Me (I want to see who has viewed my profile)?10301May 2020
How do I enable notices sent to my Email Address?30911May 2020
How do I view my inbox? (mail I have received)41411May 2020
How do I view my outbox? (mail I have sent)28801May 2020
Can I tell if a member has received my message?39241May 2020
If I delete my messages by mistake, can staff restore it for me?33201Nov 2017
How do I Reactivate my Account (after I have cancelled it)?1,03341Oct 2017
How do I edit my Match Details?40511May 2020
How do I edit my Extended Info (free form text about religion, education, ethnicity, and occupation)?27801May 2020
It says I have many views to my profile but there is no one on my Who's Viewed Me List, how can this be?31521Oct 2017
What are the Photo Rules?13211May 2020
Suggestions on what to write in my profile?16701May 2020
Where do I view the Success Stories?19601Oct 2017
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