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Why did my photo get deleted (or get moved from being primary)?40 mins ago8660May 17
How do I copy the URL of a Youtube Video to post on this site?51 mins ago340May 25
How do I Log Out?55 mins ago9,2385May 25
Why is my profile NOT approved yet? Is something wrong?56 mins ago3,40642Oct 2017
I am not receiving mail notices from ConnectingSingles when I get email on the site.57 mins ago1,8254May 16
Top 17 most Common Scams on a Dating Site?1 hrs ago47,155372May 17
How do I Reactivate my Account (after I have cancelled it)?3 hrs ago7073Oct 2017
Can I tell if a member has received my message?3 hrs ago2762May 16
Top 13 warning signs that a member is a Scammer?4 hrs ago26,695503May 17
How do I view my eCard history with another member?4 hrs ago1460Jan 2014
Can I vote more than once on a poll?5 hrs ago850Nov 2017
How do I delete someone from my Favorites List?5 hrs ago1500May 25
What happens when I Block someone?5 hrs ago4681Nov 2017
How do I hide my profile?5 hrs ago1,1464May 25
How do I Edit my Email Address?5 hrs ago2831May 25
Why do you ask for my Birthdate?6 hrs ago2901Nov 2017
The text is too small on the site. How do I make it bigger?6 hrs ago2150May 25
How do I add Music to my profile?8 hrs ago2220Nov 2017
How do I cancel my account?8 hrs ago4,13713May 25
Every time I login, it says my email is invalid.8 hrs ago890May 17
Can members be banned from this site?9 hrs ago1,5794Nov 2017
How do I send a Flower to a member?10 hrs ago840May 26
What is Top 100 and how does it work?10 hrs ago9590May 25
How do I comment on an eCard?10 hrs ago810May 25
How do I change my password?11 hrs ago5060May 25
What happens when I cancel my account?11 hrs ago8409Oct 2017
Do people know if I Click "Maybe" or "No"?11 hrs ago1283May 17
They say they can't upload a photo... how likely that is true?14 hrs ago83124May 16
Why can't I Login?14 hrs ago6,9854May 17
How do I delete a Message?15 hrs ago3311May 25
How can I tell if a message is from CS Staff?15 hrs ago2091Nov 2017
The games are not loading?16 hrs ago1390May 16
How do I Create a Blog?18 hrs ago1600May 25
How do I delete my photo?18 hrs ago3854May 25
So will I ever find 'the ONE' and who can I trust?19 hrs ago1,40176Nov 2017
Why do you ask for my Postal Code?19 hrs ago3060Nov 2017
How do I send my photos to CS by EMAIL?20 hrs ago3470May 25
How do I view Movies posted by other members?22 hrs ago1180May 25
How do I join hrs ago2,1914May 15
How do I Edit my Age?23 hrs ago2471May 25
Someone I was chatting with, now it says they are hidden. What does this mean?24 hrs ago4083May 17
How do I block members from a certain location, age group or marital status from mailing me?Aug 103102May 25
How do I add a caption for my photo?Aug 101561May 25
How do I upload a photo to my Profile?Aug 106373May 25
I am having trouble uploading or emailing my photo.Aug 103522May 21
How do I contact another member?Aug 103451May 16
How do I watch Movies posted on the site?Aug 10730Nov 2017
Why would someone ask me to mail or IM them on another site, when mail & IM here is FREE?Aug 104806May 17
How can I know if a member is who they say?Aug 102,26448Nov 2017
What is Romance Scam?Aug 104,809154May 17
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