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Together forever

I see you in the sunshine, I feel you in the rain, Your voice is in the wind i hear you speak my name, I know that you are with me your footsteps in the snow, For you are all around me every where i go, The day that we got married we vowed we would not part and that is true my darling, you are always in my heart, If i could find the steps to heaven i would climb them with no fear, and carry you back down again just to have you here, We would be has we should be together like the past, Our love would never falter, Our love was mean't to last, I will go on searching if it takes my whole life through, I will know when i have found them, because i will be with you. xxx
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
This poem is for my late husband my jon x who was taken from me 6 years ago this december he was 52 years old and i love him so very much, I did write this poem not long after he died but its been kept in a draw till now on a very tear stained piece of paper. I know that i'm not the only person to lose a loved one so i know my jon would agree with me when i say, that this is for all the people who have loved and lost. x catra

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Welcome my dear poet...and thank you so much for sharing this loving poem with us ! hug
tender perfect...thank you catra
What a beautiful way to honor such beautiful and true love. When the heart beats for one...none can replace the one!sad flower teddybear handshake
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