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I don't buy we are reunited with loved ones after dying
It's an absolute impossibility I am in no way implying
Every hope lives perpetually within each fiber of my being
a questions answer differs which basically negates agreeing

When religions became many it made them seem less legit
from the start it's been conducive to suffering that hasn't quit
the largest religion believes killing innocent is their gods teaching
all succumbing to their beliefs a goal they're dead set on reaching

It's nonsensical to give oneself to something based on faith alone
after sinning and denying god exist just ask forgiveness to atone
Common sense says religion and almighty deities are a complete fable
I tried living with blind faith but reality finally made me unable

Those preaching at pulpits are committing the worst kind of sin
the ungodly goings on makes it much more arduous to believe in
No one should put their faith in something symbolic of a deceiver
make your god credible before attempting to convert a non-believer
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2017
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