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smmer heat

The July heat has come and it is as though winter is not far; as the summer has already flown by quickly. It seems as the weather is always one extreme or another. The summer heat is but a reflection of these things as I watch the heat waves radiate over the pavement. Life is a twinkle of the eye so saith the Word of God. Life is full of such extremes but I can live with out the drama. Holy is the soul that finds gratitude in the withstanding of what life brings. Though I would rather bare the heat than the cold; blessed am I that I live too experience life. If this be wisdom, then I am great full to have enriched you. If it bares no weight then it shall not hold you down. On the alter of peace, peace to you.
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Posted: Jun 2018
About this poem:
meditative reflection of living daily life. I felt inspired to share these reflections in hope of some one else being enlightened.

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