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Where are you my soul, my breath
My love who quenches my thirst
My tears flow like the raging torrent of my heart
These waters thrash the stones that keep us apart
Where are you my dream, my warmth
My flesh shivers under the sun
The chill in my soul makes my smile numb
Where so you walk today my lady
The ages could not conquer our love
My ears can hear you in the wind
My legs were made to walk to you
When do you smile my light, my queen
I am given these nights to dream of you
My everything is drawn to you, like
Spring flowers drawn to the sky
Where do you sing my song
My music fueled by the strings of the heart
My torment of being cast into this place without you
Your eyes I’ve never seen in this life, I will know
My swirling depth of emotion fashioned for love
My walk continues, my journey begins by your side.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010

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you'll find her gcpirelli.
Happygolucky4uonline today!
What a lovely story about searching. Thank you for sharing it and may your journey be a fruitfull one.bouquet
Hi, gcpirelli,
Your poem has so many poetic images. tears...These waters thrash the stones that keep us apart captures well the force of longing. Thank you for sharing
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