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To be bad is easy...

To be bad with someone is so easy
To hurt a person saying bad words
Is not hard ,is easy because make
You feel better if u hurt others
But one day u will be hurt same or worse.
Is better be silent instead hurt
Is better be good instead bad
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010

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claudya: a good poem on why we should be good. Like the new pics too! ;-)
hedistuffonline today!
thank you old story, but only cowards act this way. the only way they seem able to build themselves up is by demeaning others. not by noble actions nor even words...seems as if this 'bad wording' is all that american politics has's sick, and unfortunately the US is in a position of some considerable sway. for too many folks in US political circles, it has become a game run amok...and to many of it's citizens, we are just sickened and scared to death of what our nation has become. for all the world, I cry about this, every day. sad, isn't it? intelligent, good, people will never again steer the US. sorry for getting carried away. obama can still make a difference, should he awaken...I really admire the constant goodness of your words...
Thank you dear poets for u comments.teddybear
Liked message in this verse, what goes around comes around the old saying goesteddybear
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