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RE: truth

when you are looking for love...i think you are in the wrong place, you are right.

stop coming here and look around in real life. closer.
love is there... inside yourself...and near.


RE: Life's too short ! ! !

well, i am 'having' 6 guys that are really nice
one to talk to
one because he is an old lover and still nice....after 30 years
one because he is an new lover and very young..and beautiful..
one because...he is very good in bed..he just turns me on..
one because..he might be the best partner ever...
and one because he is so very smart...and 'normal' a sweet person..that he might be a healthy relationship.
one because he is interesting and intelligent...something touches my soul..

i could have ....every week one of them?

or no-one?

because life without them is good too...

or devide my time in men- less time and 'together-time'?
keep on trying what feels the best?
young,old, experienced, complex, straight...try it all?

in the meantime...just living..get it all...together??

RE: Help i am lonely

welcome here!

are your kids still so young that you have to be inhibited to get a life of your own?

do you not have old friends from your youth on?? i have some....and see the jewelry in that!

you are not ready for a new love untill you feel comfortable alone!

you have to 'have some' ...yourself, to be able to 'give some' and share in a healthy way!

do you have things in life that you really like and get all warm from inside? passions?

go after them! it will bring you to places where you meet potential friends...friends can last a (half) life-time and are worthwhile!

hope anyway you will have a good time over here too.


RE: Infidelity

'agape' is just for the very very matured, grown- up and wise people. exeptions.

people who have enough basic self-respect and self-acceptence, who are not dependent of some-one elses fidelity.

these men/women are very rare.

people who want the other one to be happy, without checking pro's and con's, without asking something back. and still respect their own boundaries and limitations.

it is to be able to give rather than take..you have got to 'have' some, to be able to give..

strange enough most people are full of 'agape' with their mouth...but in everyday life...they practice something else. the small ego (or big? which is in fact small) is easily damaged. because it was never healthy..

films, books and songs..cry out about love and passion.
but; real love is quiet, peaceful..its harmony in the heart.

i myself am not one of the lucky few, but at least I'm aware of that..can laugh at it...which leads me a littlebit in that direction.


RE: despair

its better to have loved and be betrayed....then to have never loved at all!!

so forget all of the thinking and follow your instincts

RE: About dating...

Well I think it is quite well possible to find a lover close by, and that may prevent a lot of trouble...professor

It depends all on where you stand in life, what you desire for..

I do NOT believe in only one suitable 'perfect' partner....as in books or films...

as long as you love yourself, your situation, and love life as it is......when you are not very needy.......... but are in a grown up way capable of giving love...a lot of closer possible partners will be suitable...so why not look for one a bit near-by?good luck

distance and different cultures...you may be able to overcome those... but...most of the time not that easily.

and....... photo's don't say anything..and mailing does have a lot of disadvantages...seeing the way some-one moves, looks, talks, behaves...smell, intonation....says so much more.

You can only discover your real feelings deep down...when those thirst foolish being-in-love psychosis has passed...

Its maybe beter to spend your time....in being busy with activities you REALLY feel passionate about, in ordinary daily life....that will increase the chance to meet someone with (at least) the same passions...by doing that.(instead of fantasing and dreaming on the safe internet)

The best thing to do, if you still want to get more involved with someone far away..is maybe........ get interested in that specific country. when it doesn't work out, at least you have had a nice trip!!banana

But when you look for small adventures and flirt, or simply a short passion or sex, this distance is very much o.k. That can be very nice too!! It all depends on your intentions...how the outcome will be.


well, nothing new under the sky...it is well known that men think about sex every 6 minutes or so....and women a little less but not so mucht less. tongue

so being suspicious...is logical but says a lot about herself too i guess.... blushing

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