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To have connected with you eCard

To have connected with you

Roses are red, candies are blue I'm so happy to h...
2,910126Feb 2012
My darling Valentine eCard

My darling Valentine

O my Darling Valentine......
1,945010Feb 2012
Its love eCard

It's love

Two hearts... one great Connection! Happy Valenti...
1,51600Feb 2008
Happy Valentines Day eCard

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day...
1,24401Feb 2008
Happy Valentines eCard

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines Day...
1,35807Feb 2008
Happy Valentines Day to my sweetheart eCard

Happy Valentines Day to my sweetheart

Happy Valentines Day to my Sweetheart...
2,44704Feb 2008
Be my Valentine eCard

Be my Valentine

Be My Valentine...
2,378086Feb 2009
Happy we connected eCard

Happy we connected

So happy we connected...
2,519042Aug 2009
Spreadin the luv eCard

Spreadin the luv

Spreadin tha luv... Happy Hearts Day...
2,418035Feb 2012
Valentine eCard


I knew I found my life's calling, when you spoke...
3,221013Feb 2012
Christmas hug for you eCard

Christmas hug for you

Sending you a big Christmas HUG!...
1,9920112Dec 2011
Blue Christmas without you eCard

Blue Christmas without you

I'll have a Blue Christmas without you.....
2,984019Dec 2014
Naughty List youre on it eCard

Naughty List.. you're on it

YOU.. are definitely on my naughty list!...
3,9241125Dec 2014
Happy Holidays eCard

Happy Holidays

So glad we connected here.. Best Wishes to you...
3,129048Dec 2014
Merry Christmas eCard

Merry Christmas

Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a joyous New...
3,2320126Dec 2013
Christmas Seeking eCard

Christmas Seeking

Me..exceptional, attractive, intelligent, sexy, wi...
3,187165Dec 2014
Bear Hug eCard

Bear Hug

Bear hugs for my CS Friend Happy Christmas...
10,2431462Dec 2014
Our friendship eCard

Our friendship

I came to CS without expectation, never believin...
5,5282169Mar 2016
A Mothers Love eCard

A Mother's Love

There is no love, like a mother's love, no strong...
3,54402May 2012
When you thought I wasnt looking eCard

When you thought I wasn't looking..

When you thought I wasn't looking, I saw you hang...
3,20305May 2012
Happy Easter eCard

Happy Easter

Flowers blooming, reaching out to touch the morn...
3,747189Apr 2014
Missing you at Easter eCard

Missing you at Easter

Missing you.. and wishing you were here on Easte...
2,03907Mar 2008
somebunny luvs you eCard

somebunny luvs you

somebunny luvs you, honey ~Happy Easter~...
1,51608Mar 2008
Happy Easter eCard

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Let the resurrection joy lift us fr...
1,83806Apr 2010
underneath the cool eCard

underneath the cool

Underneath this fine, cool, sexy, attractive, inte...
2,533041Jan 2012
Eggg stra special friend eCard

Eggg-stra special friend

To my eggg-stra special friend...
2,220026Mar 2013
Glad I found you eCard

Glad I found you

Its easy to get lost in this world.. So glad I f...
3,684017Apr 2014
Hope eCard


Hope When it's grey and cloudy And the skies jus...
8,3840178Apr 2015
Our special world eCard

Our special world

A Special World A special world for you and me A...
5,463075Mar 2016
Daisy Dayz eCard

Daisy Dayz

Hope your day's a daisy!...
3,000054Mar 2016
Im Back eCard

I'm Back!

Hey... I'm Back!...
3,028038Mar 2016
Happy Easter eCard

Happy Easter

Sending lots of love, hugs and kisses to the one...
3,585019Mar 2016
Wishing a joyous Easter eCard

Wishing a joyous Easter

May His blessings lead you to success and happin...
5,5700125Mar 2016
Gods love eCard

God's love

for God so loved the world......
4,813129Mar 2016
Some bunny who cares eCard

Some bunny who cares

Happy Easter.. from some bunny who cares...
2,954086Mar 2016
Happy Easter eCard

Happy Easter

Have an Eggs-citing Eggs-celent Eggs-traordina...
4,9050133Mar 2016
Happy Easter eCard

Happy Easter

As the earth is refreshed and renewed by the gif...
5,321191Mar 2016
Easter morn eCard

Easter morn

Celebrate Our Savior On Easter morn, we celebra...
4,269032Mar 2016
Shamrock wishes eCard

Shamrock wishes

Each petal on the Shamrock Sends a wish your way....
1,78008Mar 2008
Happy St Patricks Day eCard

Happy St Patrick's Day

Glac bog an saol agus glacfaidh an saol bog tú (T...
3,320025Mar 2015

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