1,80707Jul 2009
just one kiss eCard

just one kiss

All I hope for is just one kiss Your sweet lips a...
1,64411May 2009
If I had one wish eCard

If I had one wish

If I had one wish I would give you a long And te...
1,730463Jan 2010
Remember the love eCard

Remember the love

Remember the love… Refeel that love… And pass...
1,30618Feb 2009
Eternal Love eCard

Eternal Love

For I am persuaded, that neither death Nor life,...
1,479011Feb 2011
no love can compare eCard

no love can compare

Jesus A humble servant The Son of God What He d...
2,456110Apr 2011
Easter is a promise eCard

Easter is a promise

Easter is a promise God renews to us each spring...
1,673117Mar 2011
Victory eCard


God's plans Always lead to victory!...
1,32612Mar 2011
I just wanted say THIS eCard

I just wanted say THIS

Thanks for making my life so sweet So happy and...
2,620012Feb 2013
Forever In My Heart eCard

Forever In My Heart

I can only hope To make you as happy As you ma...
1,212213Jul 2009
pleasures of friendship eCard

pleasures of friendship

"In the sweetness of friendship Let there be lau...
5,116029Dec 2011
romantic eCard


It's Thanksgiving time The giving thanks time Fo...
2,039116Nov 2011
Give thanks to the Lord eCard

Give thanks to the Lord

Give thanks to the LORD For He is good His fait...
1,692110Nov 2011
best wishes eCard

best wishes

You gave of that Which you had to give We learne...
1,830011Nov 2011
blessings everywhere eCard

blessings everywhere

Come, Lord Jesus, our guest to be And bless these...
2,441013Nov 2011
be thankful eCard

be thankful

Be thankful When you don't know something For i...
2,637025Nov 2011
thanksgiving eCard


Just stopping by to wish you A happy THANKSGIVING...
2,847030Nov 2013
The best thing about me is you eCard

The best thing about me is you

The best thing about me is you!...
2,10814May 2010
more and more each day eCard

more and more each day

Just wanted to say... BABE, I LOVE YOU MORE AND...
1,688113Nov 2009
showing a bite of love eCard

showing a bite of love

Showing a bite of LoVe!...
2,780012Oct 2014
Colors eCard


All that matters Is You......
1,792116Jan 2009
no three words eCard

no three words

No three words Have greater power Than I LOVE...
1,63011Aug 2009
may you have a blessed Thanksgiving eCard

may you have a blessed Thanksgiving

Sometimes we have to Just stop and marvel at Our...
4,634020Nov 2013


Two souls separated By land and sea Two souls co...
5,1331192Jul 2008
Have a wonderful Fourth of July eCard

Have a wonderful Fourth of July

Have a wonderful Fourth of July With much Love!...
3,772029Jul 2013
You Light My Heart eCard

You Light My Heart!

2,405013Jul 2013
our planet eCard

our planet

Man must feel the earth To know himself And re...
1,72507Apr 2013
Be mine forever eCard

Be mine forever

I love You From the bottom of my heart Be mine...
2,062014Feb 2013
anything is possible eCard

anything is possible

Anything is possible When it comes to love...
1,34814Oct 2009
we say it differently but its the same eCard

we say it differently, but it's the same

Joyeux Noel Feliz Navidad Merry Christmas Merry...
2,403016Dec 2012
I miss U eCard

I miss U

I think of you all day long Nice thoughts I miss...
1,463118Jan 2009
isnt easy to deal with eCard

isn't easy to deal with

There's no cosmetic for beauty like happiness...
2,765024Nov 2012
Happy Fathers Day to you eCard

Happy Fathers Day to you

Hugs and Kisses Just for you!...
2,928024Jun 2012
Hey Dad eCard

Hey Dad...

Wishing YOU a very great Father's Day With lots...
2,875016Jun 2012
underwear eCard


Beauty is not how you look It is not how handsom...
3,33805Jun 2012
Happy Easter Friend eCard

Happy Easter Friend

The Easter feeling does not end It signals a new...
2,109041Apr 2012
Deeper than oceans eCard

Deeper than oceans

In the mist of the ocean In the stillness of the...
2,836041Apr 2012
courage eCard


Life is difficult yet so full of grace Sometimes...
2,060110Jun 2009
Be my valentine eCard

Be my valentine

"If love is the answer Could you rephrase the qu...
1,581016Feb 2012
Youre forever in my heart eCard

You're forever in my heart

Close together or far apart You're forever in my...
2,110016Feb 2012

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