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The Lord is risen eCard

The Lord is risen

Thanks to God, who gives us the victory Through...
3,118120Apr 2012
Victory eCard


God's plans Always lead to victory!...
1,81413Mar 2011
Easter is a promise eCard

Easter is a promise

Easter is a promise God renews to us each spring...
2,144120Mar 2011
An Irish Blessing eCard

An Irish Blessing

May the road rise up to meet you May the wind be...
3,049132Mar 2011
the language of friendship eCard

the language of friendship

The language of friendship Is not words but mean...
1,596212Nov 2009
Be mine eCard

Be mine

Sweetheart... Happy Valentine's Day...
1,966015Feb 2012
with lots of love eCard

with lots of love

May your celebrations Be merry Your heart be li...
1,54709Dec 2009
we say it differently but its the same eCard

we say it differently, but it's the same

Joyeux Noel Feliz Navidad Merry Christmas Merry...
3,058017Dec 2012
Joy eCard


May the Christmas season Fill your home with joy...
1,94605Dec 2011
good morning just me wishing you eCard

good morning just me wishing you...

Good Morning It's just me Wishing you A great D...
2,693023Apr 2009
You are the music eCard

You are the music

" You are the music " A lovely one......
1,210011Nov 2009
be thankful eCard

be thankful

Be thankful When you don't know something For i...
3,161028Nov 2011
welcome love eCard

welcome love

Love is in your heart Not to stay But to be sha...
1,33714Jul 2009
Happy Holidays eCard

Happy Holidays

Wishing you a Happy Holiday And Successful New Y...
2,010041Dec 2011
blessings everywhere eCard

blessings everywhere

Come, Lord Jesus, our guest to be And bless these...
2,823014Nov 2011
Give thanks to the Lord eCard

Give thanks to the Lord

Give thanks to the LORD For He is good His fait...
2,070110Nov 2011
thanksgiving eCard


Just stopping by to wish you A happy THANKSGIVING...
3,289030Nov 2013
Remember the love eCard

Remember the love

Remember the love… Refeel that love… And pass...
1,825110Feb 2009
Sweet Card eCard

Sweet Card

Happy Valentines Day I hope you have a wonderful...
2,070050Feb 2009
Peace on Earth eCard

Peace on Earth

" Let there be peace on earth and let it begin wit...
6,221076Dec 2011
I love having you in my world eCard

I love having you in my world

I love having you in my world...
1,844013Dec 2009
from across the miles eCard

from across the miles

Even if we don't get To see each other at Christ...
1,850030Dec 2009
Thank you for the little things eCard

Thank you for the little things

Dearest Lord Thank you for the little things Tha...
2,754125Nov 2011
you are always on my mind eCard

you are always on my mind

You are always on my mind I hope you're thinking...
3,694029Oct 2016
hey cutie eCard

hey cutie

"Do you want to go out with me?"...
2,978018Oct 2011
light up eCard

light up

2,618033Oct 2011
2,38007Jul 2009
just one kiss eCard

just one kiss

All I hope for is just one kiss Your sweet lips a...
2,08711May 2009
If I had one wish eCard

If I had one wish

If I had one wish I would give you a long And te...
2,426472Jan 2010
Eternal Love eCard

Eternal Love

For I am persuaded, that neither death Nor life,...
1,979011Feb 2011
no love can compare eCard

no love can compare

Jesus A humble servant The Son of God What He d...
3,030110Apr 2011
I just wanted say THIS eCard

I just wanted say THIS

Thanks for making my life so sweet So happy and...
3,037012Feb 2013
Forever In My Heart eCard

Forever In My Heart

I can only hope To make you as happy As you ma...
1,637213Jul 2009
romantic eCard


It's Thanksgiving time The giving thanks time Fo...
2,453016Nov 2011
best wishes eCard

best wishes

You gave of that Which you had to give We learne...
2,229011Nov 2011
The best thing about me is you eCard

The best thing about me is you

The best thing about me is you!...
2,54315May 2010
more and more each day eCard

more and more each day

Just wanted to say... BABE, I LOVE YOU MORE AND...
2,106113Nov 2009
showing a bite of love eCard

showing a bite of love

Showing a bite of LoVe!...
3,178012Oct 2014
Colors eCard


All that matters Is You......
2,236116Jan 2009
no three words eCard

no three words

No three words Have greater power Than I LOVE...
2,13301Aug 2009

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