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    RE: Our Purpose in Life

    Lindsyjones - thanks! I was kind of melancholy when I wrote this poem as my step-great nephew had been killed while working on a recycle truck. He was dumping recycle into the back of the truck when a car came up behind him - never slowed down - and he was killed instantly - he never saw it coming. He was only 27 yrs. old.

    So I got thinking about it and as I say - we only have the present - we never know when God will call us home. So live and love and enjoy the moment as it may be the only one we have here on earth. And for insurance - we should all be right with our Lord and Savior - because I want to go to Heaven to be with my loved ones - I don't know about everyone else!

    I am sharing the poem per Lindsy's request:

    Author: godsprincess

    Yesterday is always gone
    Tomorrow never never comes
    All we have is today
    So why wish it away

    Yesterday is gone to never return
    That day no longer holds any fear
    What is done is done and cannot be changed
    Nothing about it can ever be rearranged

    Tomorrow is a vague shadowy day
    No sense in worrying today away
    About possibilities of dreadful events
    No sense in wasting time in torment

    Enjoy this moment for that is all we have
    Live it in joy, peace and happiness
    In a blink of an eye it could be gone
    And tomorrow really will never come
    by godsprincess Jan 2016 Owego, New York USA

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