RE: buying a dog.

adopted dogs don't come cheap. i spent $500.00 on mine, shipped 1000 miles from rescue. the lowest cost is around $200.00, not chump change. adopted dogs are bought dogs.

now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

RE: In a rut or depression

it's true, this place does help. my suggestion is, do little things. wash a few dishes, do a small load of laundry. when things seem overwhelming, little things like that take a bit off of your plate. try not to dwell on things. for me, certain songs trigger unpleasant memories. recognize triggers and stay away.
i think of my bouts of depression as storms. the storm always ends.
hope this helps.

RE: Online dating etiquette

don't say "i love you" or mention having children with them too soon.
don't believe them when they say "i love you" or if they want you to be the mother of their children, too soon. professor

RE: Naked and ashamed?

there are many confident women on here. i'll admit i am not crazy about the morph.
on the other hand, after the morph, i can accept the fact that i no longer feel the need to try to look good. this is a relief. one less thing to be concerned about.
along with the morph and its arrival time, i don't have the desire to find the "one". those days are over. i'm looking for more important ways to fill the time.
having good looks and finding a match is such an expected thing when i was younger. it's sort of like buying into the social acceptance thing. since i was never very good and keeping the "act" going for extended periods of time, this new knowledge that i don't have to pretend is also a great relief.

RE: Do Cyber relationships work

very true. the thing about ldr's is that one gets sucked into the love and romance of it all without the day to day challenges. there is an awakening upon meeting in person. it adds a whole new dimension

RE: Is this image too ugly to show of me?

this is funny. you look like Johnny Knoxville after a Jackass shoot, if i don't take a closer look.

RE: Do Cyber relationships work

i wasn't implying either of you drank. there are other addictions and things that can be hidden.

yes, we met online but not a dating site

RE: Do Cyber relationships work

i don't want to be a downer, but, you can't really know someone until you meet in person. i speak from experience. in my case, my fella hid a severe alcohol addiction. regardless, good luck :)

RE: Say Anything

i want some hot juicy fried chicken. i didn't eat dinner

RE: Say Anything

i want it so bad

RE: Say Anything

i want a piece of fried chicken.

RE: woman

jrob, you can write. be sure to read the profile to see if they are looking, then, never call them hun, sweetie, gorgeous, and never give your skype address, email or phone number. also, don't be tempted to make a shirtless picture for your profile.

RE: woman

your standards are too high

RE: Would You Make out With

that's getting down to business, Track.
carry on (i'm not really here)

RE: One for the ladies.

would you have sex with an English person?

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