Online persona

...The mask you wear on social media sites, that reveals nothing, and hides everything real...

Do you ever step back and see yourself and the image you project

Or have you fallen into darkness uh oh

RE: Time machines and interfering with history...

What does Latvian sound like with a french canadian accent
rolling on the floor laughing

I've heard of the english

Stiff upper lip
But never their chest infections

"British phlegm and perseverance carried them through many difficult situations"

RE: Time machines and interfering with history...

When the world throws you limun's
Make limunade

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Gee, it's great to be popular!

Perhaps change your picture from a "noddy head" doll


RE: Time machines and interfering with history...


Now you made you use Google

"Computer scientists Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn are credited with inventing the Internet "

RE: Time machines and interfering with history...

i would kill the guy that invented the internet for wasting peoples livesdevil

RE: Rasputin

As I know is he was one hard f*ck to kill

uh oh

RE: You Smell Different When You Sleep

I took out the light bulb

Tell rowing your toys

I always type with my eyes closed...
It's like taking a shit flies come for miles for a taste of the warm brown goodness


Tell rowing your toys

When someone gets in a good shot a quick comeback are a better comment than you how do you react

Do you like most here

Spit your dummy and throw your toys out of your pram

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Would This Really Work?

Track that's you


Reading the comments

"my tiff with the comments is that as OP there isn’t any notification when someone posts on the thread.... I feel like I have to babysit and also go looking for a lost child"

As OP I hand this forum over to you

rolling on the floor laughing

I have a baby to find

Reading the comments

I think we both are just using different bait

Reading the comments

If you need one

Reading the comments

M4 I'm fishing


Reading the comments

And some are better off keeping them on


Reading the comments

When we are down to the last piranha how much can he eat of himself...

"Blood in the water ,blood in the water"

Here they come...


Reading the comments

How many hours do you guys spend trying to be top dog dunno
Thinking your a put bull with your one-up manship

Like a Chihuahua yapping at a pit bull

rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Compound Words

Catfish conartist internet whitenoise

RE: What do you think is the greatest obstacle in dating?

The other persons opinion of themselvesrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Who Makes The Best Lover

The one that turns you one...

RE: Would you leave him/her for this

You could ask the same question:
If they farted
Had excess body hair
All things that you would have noticed pre sex and pre marriage professor

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