Welcome back

You just can't keep an old blogger down...

rolling on the floor laughing
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Today while I was fishing I realised

How much trolls and fish have in common.

rolling on the floor laughing
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How old is your profile pic

I am in the habit of uploading a new pic every couple of months

When did you last upload yours
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81 year old Canadian woman

..has just disclosed her secret for making friends and gaining support here in blogland

She uses SEX

rolling on the floor laughing

England on high alert

Terrorist bomber / terror plot uncovered

Guido Fawkes aka John Johnson

Is believed to have lead and planned a terror attack in greater London

Although reports are at this point conflicted, unconfirmed sources claim that the Catholic separatist movement is behind the attempt on the British members of parliament

London is on full lock down and the police are calling on the public to remain calm,and report any sighting and suspicious activity
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Caffe racer


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How do you date...

Just an off the cuff question how do you date religious artifacts as carbon dating is never believed IF an object predates christian belief


These guys are unbelievable

I have seen some brilliant
musicians But these guys in my mind are among the best

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Off topic

This is on a forum section of a site I use

...No religious or political posts please...

Seems they had a simular problem and their site mods acted quickly

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Where else but CS ?

Can you meet and interact on the same level as...

Political movers and shakers

Members of the gentry

Famous actor's

Truck drivers and delivery boys

Budding murder/who done it...authors

Psychic's and horse whisperer's

mercenaries and soldiers of fortune

Religious prophet's

Shape shifters

Time travellers

The mind boggles

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Lady in red

Sent my girlfriend to the shop to buy some tractor parts

Came back with that hungry look in her eye

Gushing about a great price and lucky to get the last one

And it being in red

Got to love her


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