NZ Shooting Sad beyond understanding


Mass murder or terrorism

As daears keeps closing comments on such a tragic event

I have posted this blog to allow people to express their feelings

Please show respect


sad flower

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My sincerest sympathies
Such a tragic event, crying My sympathies go out to all those involved,

I wanted to share this article I read in the Sunday NZ Herald today, 17 March 2019.

The writer of this article is Kerre McIvor (née Woodham) who is a New Zealand journalist, radio personality, author and columnist.

Kerre McIvor on Christchurch mosque shootings: Overwhelming grief will change us

What on earth can I say? What can anyone say in the wake of the horror shootings that have shattered New Zealanders' sense of security forever?

We've changed. As of Friday, there was a New Zealand that was before. Now we live in a New Zealand that is after.

Before, I used to think of New Zealand as the last safe place on earth. There was even a part of me that was just a little bit smug, that thought we as a people were somehow better than those other countries where hate crimes happen.

I know that there are people who are bigoted and racist – I work in talkback, for heaven's sake. But I never thought for one wild second that there would be individuals who would put inchoate thought into action. And such cowardly action.

To shoot at people in a place of worship, who were kneeling in prayer, unarmed and with their backs to the gunman. How utterly, despicably craven.

Before, I was desperate for my daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren to leave London and come home. Home to a place where there was little to no chance they would be victims of mindless, senseless, irrational acts of violence.

After, I rang them on Friday night and told them they might as well stay in the UK. Nowhere's safe. And it's grasping at straws to say the main shooter was an Australian national. There are like minds and sympathisers here. Which is why I can't get on board with the #thisisnotus social media posts.

I know we'd all like to think #thisisnotus. It's not you and it's not me. But we have to own that there are people in this country who are so filled with hate, they are willing to aid and abet terrorists.

And I can't yet respond to the calls to use this atrocity to band together, to show the vile haters amongst us that we will not be bowed by their actions. I will but not yet.

Right now, I'm still trying to absorb the sheer numbers of men, women and children who have been murdered and whose families are reeling from their loss.

I think, before we begin the process of trying to make things better, we have to acknowledge the enormous loss we have suffered as a country. The loss of so many Kiwis, the loss of our innocence – our naivety, if you will – the loss of our sense of safety.

There will be things we can do – already the Prime Minister has said our gun laws will change. But right now, the pain is too raw and too deep to feel anything but overwhelming grief.

I think this accurately describes where I am personally at today.

We don't have to look too far to find bigotry, racism and hate.

It's evident, even here, on this social media site.
When I saw this nightmare unfolding , at first I said .
Who invented this horrible game ? Second look . I got numb for awhile , then it dawn on me that the truth , the Bible is unfolding before my eyes .
When you see these things happening , know that the time is near .
Earthquake , pestilence , war , rumors of war , no love , showing no affection for one another , hunger , parents against children , vise , versa , brother against brother , and many more .

I believe that the Almighty God Jehovah is coming soon .

Once we are alive , we have many , many more terrible things to witness , don't be shock , pray and keep praying with faith that God will see us through .

I am so fed up of all this sad news , that sometime I ask myself what is the perpose of living ?
Then I remember Jehovah God is in control and he do not give us more than we could take .
Depression steps in sometimes , but I must never give up .

Keep praying for a better world to live in my friends .

My take on all the terrible , senseless , acts , from the beginning to now .frustrated
2 points this has shown me.

Firstly the complete lack of empathy from almost all of our "family" of bloggers towards this tragic event

And secondly that the world as we knew, it for New Zealanders has with this act of mindless violence been changed forever, both at home and internationally .

sad flower
Yeah, my sad flower would help the dead ones, all right.
If I sent one, that would be only to sell myself emphatic.

Guess from now on, I'm going to be a cavity searched every time I come to NZ. sigh
The sincere empathy in this case would be financially helping the children who lost the parent(s) in this tragedy.

.... and I did what? - nothing, of course.

So i better stick my sad flower to my own arse. laugh
Thanks bloody

sad flower

Here's another one if you have room

sad flower
Oh dear....... seems I've killed the blogger.


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