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RE: About Photos on CS

Why would you remove a full body pic from site but not those that don't put any pic at all on? Do we ever get to hear answers back from you (whoever "you" are) on our replies??

RE: If Pepsi and Coca-Cola were the only soft drinks left on earth, which would you choose?

Caffiene-free Diet Coke & I see Coke's ahead in the polls as of now...........( :

RE: Hi, does no pic mean anything or just....

I personally don't respond to e-mails (or stop to look at profiles) w/out pics. A couple of times I have responded & asked them why they don't have a pic, then have never heard a thing from them again. Hmmmm........ I never really stopped to think that they were scammers but I mean come on people, this is a dating website & there are obviously certain physical traits that attract each one of us to another. Someone pointed out earlier & I think they're right, that the scammers are pretty easy to detect when their photos look "too good to be true", ie. straight out of a catalog or magazine.

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