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Pink Floyd's weirdness.1110Feb 3
vDv (If you dont like violence, dont even click on it!740Feb 2
Go Anti-Mask Canadian Truckers!1695Jan 28
How many people will die2208Jan 19
Mitt Romney?28411Jan 17
A message to the American people and their president.2,05868Feb 2
Would you buy a used ar from Boris Johnson?33217Feb 2
How do you reply in 3 words to a text from an Ex that reads "I am dating someone better than you."1,13651Feb 1
Quick response, please72232Jan 31
Anti vaccine lies2,941175Jan 31
If you found out your father had an affair with another woman, what would you do?82331Jan 29
usa truckin for freedom?58334Jan 28
Canadian Truckers for Freedom4,844209Jan 28
Looking For A Suggestion1,23440Jan 26
Everybody wants to be like me54219Jan 24
my late grandfather...used to call American's yanks47717Jan 24
Are you easily offended? Humor escape you at times? Feel dissed?3,790235Jan 23
Restritions in the UK ramping down68537Jan 23
The wizard of OZ41214Jan 21
Do you think...we need more women on CS?2,15197Jan 20
Make America Great Again II2,260114Jan 18
should i forgive women...who have been unkind to me over the years?1,66072Jan 17
Is it poverty that makes people stupid or is it stupidity that keeps people poor?2,340100Jan 17
DAVOS 2022 - Build Back Better2399Jan 17
Paul Pelosi Jr1665Jan 16
Anyone make their own hydroxychloraquine?3379Jan 15
Do boring messages warrant an answer?1,52052Jan 14
Boris Johnson apologises for party during lock down1,10353Jan 13
Truckers Strike1,10559Nov 2020
Pope Of Rome Attacks US Constitution1,76885Sep 2020

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