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620Mar 3
Rod Stewart Do You Think Am Sexy Music

Rod Stewart: Do You Think Am Sexy ?

Great dancing tune fom the 70's...was so hot lol...
520Nov 2020
Right Said Fred Am Too Sexy Music

Right Said Fred: Am Too Sexy

From the 80's, sexy men.....
560Nov 2020
Olivia Newton John A Little More Love Music

Olivia Newton John: A Little More Love

Some nice tunes fro the 70's, love song......
1091Nov 2020
Dan Fogelberg Leader Of The Band Music

Dan Fogelberg: Leader Of The Band

The first time i heard this song I thought of my F...
620Nov 2020
Jim Croce Bad Bad Leroy Brown Music

Jim Croce: Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

You had a lot of good tunes, Jim Croce (RIP)...
540Nov 2020
Taylor Dayne Ill Be Your Shelter Music

Taylor Dayne: I'll Be Your Shelter

Reliving n reminicing while dancin to this 80's t...
510Nov 2020
The Cascades Rhythm Of The rain Music

The Cascades: Rhythm Of The rain

The beginning put the certain good feeling inside...
922Nov 2020
540Nov 2020
480Oct 2020
460Oct 2020
Mandy Moore n Zachary Levi I See The Light Rapunzel Music

Mandy Moore n Zachary Levi: I See The Light (Rapunzel)

This scene was so touching it even made me shed a...
590Oct 2020
Olivia Newton John n Cliff Richard Suddenly Music

Olivia Newton John n Cliff Richard: Suddenly

This is one of the tunes to the movie ' Xanadu '.....
360Oct 2020
Olivia Newton John Xanadu Music

Olivia Newton John: Xanadu

The magic of Xanadu the movie...
761Oct 2020
1812Sep 2020
Monkey Kako Mango Dinner Music

Monkey Kako: Mango Dinner

These are Monkey Kako's cute Lil Darlin's lol...
601Oct 2020
Shania Twain The Woman In Me Music

Shania Twain: The Woman In Me

I think this one song made her career a heck-a-lot...
470Oct 2020
Heart These Dreams Music

Heart: These Dreams

I live another life sometimes lol Loving someone t...
460Oct 2020
Heart What About Love Music

Heart: What About Love ?

She has ust a lovely voice.....
430Oct 2020
Lady Gaga Just Dance Music

Lady Gaga: Just Dance

Memories, memories.......
500Oct 2020
Arlo Guthrie City of New Orleans Music

Arlo Guthrie: City of New Orleans

New Orleans, Mardi Graw ....some day lol...
510Oct 2020
QuarterFlash Harden My Heart Music

QuarterFlash: Harden My Heart

Just leave the 80's lol...
420Oct 2020
Susan Jacks I Thought of You Again Music

Susan Jacks: I Thought of You Again...

Only the lonely can play.......
730Oct 2020
WawamuStats Spread of Coronavirus Music

WawamuStats: Spread of Coronavirus

The Spread of Coronavirus Around the World......
450Oct 2020
Marty Robbins El Peso Music

Marty Robbins: El Peso

I still reminisce n still remember a lot of the ol...
510Oct 2020
Judy Collins Someday Soon Music

Judy Collins: Someday Soon

A travelling man who is making his way back home t...
580Oct 2020
Cal Smith Country Bumpkin Music

Cal Smith: Country Bumpkin

A tear jerker, but sounds like romance was in the...
590Oct 2020
Miley Cyrus The Climb Music

Miley Cyrus: The Climb

While "The Climb" has a number of interpretations,...
1690Jul 2019
Dire Straits Sultans of Swing Music

Dire Straits: Sultan's of Swing

I think the band Dire Straits's leader singer is S...
530Oct 2020
Simple Minds Dont You Forget About Me Music

Simple Minds: Don't You Forget About Me

Sometimes you forget then you remember... Sometim...
440Oct 2020
Pitbull Give Me Everything Music

Pitbull: Give Me Everything

This one almost gets me to drink a few tasty drink...
1191Sep 2020
Pirat Karaiby Don Kamizi Music

Pirat Karaiby: Don Kamizi

This sounds like a ' Let's get back together " son...
660Sep 2020
Bob Seger Still the same Music

Bob Seger: Still the same

Does this remind you of anyone ?...
530Sep 2020
Electric Light Orchestra Telephone Line Music

Electric Light Orchestra: Telephone Line

Haven't heard this one for a while....make me want...
640Sep 2020
Counting Crows Mr Jones Music

Counting Crows: Mr Jones

One of my faves, like usual Luv all my faves......
560Sep 2020
Crystal Gayle Dont It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Music

Crystal Gayle: Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue

She has long beautiful hair......
1200May 2020
Enya May It Be Music

Enya: May It Be

Traveler33MB, this is my favorite Enya song from t...
1260May 2020
Enya Caribbean Blue Music

Enya: Caribbean Blue

Amazing...Enya only...
1642May 2020
Train Soul Sister Music

Train: Soul Sister

Mmm mmm ?????? Nice song......
910May 2020
1241May 2020

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