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RE: Does this picture look nice,or do I put a better one?

Your pics fine but are you actually looking for an older guy or is this just a fantasy of a dreamer who's craving for attention?

RE: i want some answers

The first thing I think going through your p/file is that you're pretty and the second is you're very very pretty hehehehehehehehepeace

RE: Please tell me one thing..

I have the feeling that no one read your profile name hence DUMB silvernitrate hahahaha good name:-) cheers

RE: hi

Your photo's are all very nice,so anyone of them can be used on your profile cheers

Have I gone overboard with p/file?????????????

Check the age group on my P'file!!

Have I gone overboard with p/file?????????????

Just a mere oversight.couldn't find the glasses mate hahahahahaha

RE: Wondering what it is in my profile that is sending the ladies scurring off

There's nothing wrong with your profile my friend but it seems that theY like for example,"WHICH PIC WOOD YA PIC" funny as it seems it works some times..or "I'M KEWT" what the hells that? hahahahaha
Have some fun brother.I read the headings cause it's bloody funny
As for reviewing any,it's good playing on their minds.cheers

cheers confused

RE: just for fun on my profile alone would you date,marry,or avoid me .....

I would date or marry you, but I'd avoid you like the plague while you're workingpeace

RE: come take a look


Added more info to my profile???

Thank you for you kind words Shay:-)

Added more info to my profile???

The one you say I'm wearing sunglasses are really my reading glasses!I'ts probably to do with reflection off the screen and background but yeah,they sure do look like they are hehehe..hey thanks for your handshake

Added more info to my profile???

Thanks for the honest opinion manroe23...Just swapped one around(pic)all good??? handshake

"Hello is it me you're looking for"?

Thank well:-)

What are your thoughts on my p/file

Thanks for the comment but no I'm not.I thought you may like the quote is all........

What are your thoughts on my p/file

Quote:"Sometimes people come into your life and you know straight away that they are meant to be there,to serve a sort of purpose,teach a lesson or figure out who you are" bouquet

What are your thoughts on my p/file

Hows this pic then niah? ka pai?

What are your thoughts on my p/file

I'm sorry but its at your end because when i go to mail you it comes up with you only accepting mail etc only in your area..
So back to the drawing board help

What are your thoughts on my p/file

Thanks for your review but that was taken in our garage we practice our music.Anways,you're not suppose to look at the clutter but at me,the subject hahahaha just joking cheers anyway niah9doh laugh

RE: Do you think ilook too childish on my pictures ?

You're more than welcome B Bee and all the best to youwave

RE: Do you think ilook too childish on my pictures ?

I think you look fantastic and whoever mentioned whatever, was a pretty lame comment from someone who isn't really looking for that special someone because he's already found it, HIMSELF...You get that rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Hello

Your profile is fine and i see you changed your photo over also.I think you were too colorful for some individuals hehehe! all the same you are gorgeous..

RE: hey is there any decent sexy fun loving kind irish men left or am i doomed lol

I don't suppose a bit of kiwi(maori)would qualify huh? Good god! that sounds stupid like a "pick me pick me" sort of thing hahaha! Joking rolling on the floor laughing Anyways i just wanted to send a bit of luck your way...

RE: what do you think

You have a nice outlook about life as for your profile it was very nice reading.By the way,your post for comments "what do you think" pretty much sums up who you are.Short and sweet.It's only a suggestion but, you could use it as your p/file write-up.. Won't hurt yeah?
Good luck

RE: why am i here?

To find that special mammoth maybe hehehe! that's funnywink
Hey,I don't think there will a shortage of eyeballers looking at you but one of them will intrigue you for sure so good mammoth hunting oh! and so long to you.(sry i couldn't help myself) blushing

RE: what photo should i have

Your p/file is all good girl.Being a fellow naki'n myself i don't think you will have a problem finding that kapai guy.You look good:-)
All the best to you..

From an ex Waitara bro..cheers

RE: nobody replies

What double "R" just said mate.Be patient,and think positive.There is someone out there but she/they are not looking in the right place right now but it will happen and that's a little advice coming from an older gentleman as myself.BE COOLpeace

RE: Opinion

I feel you look great and a few,only a few!do not know Malta is a colourful country:-)

RE: Tell me what you think...

You know sooner or later who the MONGREL'S are,but we're not all that bad!:-) It's all good..........

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