RE: i m zero

Everybody else who joins this website is immediately given a wife or a husband within one week at most. Why haven't YOU been given your automatic wife like the rest of us have?
This is terrible, and so unfair! I must complain to the operators of this site for this terrible oversight.

Come on, Connecting Singles, give shinwario his wife. You OWE it to him!

violin snowed in

RE: DEFINE ME!!! haha

Roger Daltry


RE: Is this profile any good at all?

This is one of the very few profiles in the Profile Review section by someone who actually knows how to spell and use proper punctuation.

Knowing how to spell doesn't prevent the occasional typo. typing

He misspelled Engineer in the subheading, but that was clearly a typo as he spelled engineering correctly in his Education info. nerd

RE: hi there

So you felt unable to practice what you preached, and the insults escalate on both sides, and everyone's slinging mud.


RE: hi there

Try to find something nice to say about forza
for the sake of your own advice

smoking hole

RE: tell me

Write it in Finnish

RE: dont look at my profile

You haven't taken the advice given to you here.
Your profile tells absolutely nothing about who you really are.
Saying you are honest and loyal and good and nice means nothing, these are things anyone can say and everyone does say. Say something specific about the person that you are.
You need to correct the spellings of words, and stop writing in ALL CAPS.
Add a photo, at least.

RE: Hello :D

She explained that she wrote this out of boredom after a sleepless night. It's actually one of the least suspicious profiles I've seen on this site, it's well written, in fact it may be a model of how to write a truthful and expressive profile.

But, fear of butterflies?

RE: What do you think

Ken seeks Barbie. Must be physically perfect. Apostrophes not included.

RE: Can anyone give me tips?

Keep the kid pictures, get rid of the grown up ones. Some women would use them to "do something bad with".

RE: any suggestions?

Well let me tell you a secret. Everyone else on this site is AT LEAST as afraid of rejection as you are, so what you have there is a formula for isolation.

The only members who aren't afraid of rejection are either the arrogant delusional ones, or more likely the fake profile scammers.

The easiest way to initiate contact is to send one of the "flowers". They're kind of fun, because there's a huge list of cartoon images, most of which aren't even flowers, to choose from. You can send them for free, and if the people don't feel like replying there's no sense of shame or wasted mental effort attached.
Just click "Send Flower" instead of "Send Message".

And don't expect to get any responses by posting in this Profile Review section. The only people who read the profiles posted here are the snide a**hole like myself who just want to pick at what's wrong with the crappy profiles people have written, and possibly expose a few of the obvious scammers who have the nerve to post in this section just to draw more traffic to their fake profiles.

RE: Hi im babygurl and im looking for mr.right

The ones who write "No Drama" and "No Headgames" are the ones who are going to mess with your head the most and bring you the most drama.

RE: seth profile

Yeah, to your Mormon friends and family you probably look like a wild and crazy guy. God knows, you look like a person who has probably drunk carbonated beverages, the kind with caffeine in them! You naughty wicked child you.
But to the rest of the world you look like one of Princess Diana's kids, without the fabulous wealth.

RE: any suggestions?

Yeah. I suggest you stop waiting for chicks to fly to you like moths to a candle, and try initiating conversation with some whose profiles interest you.
Oh, and beware of the fake profiles, which might take a little exposure for you to start catching on which ones actually are the fakes.

RE: any suggestions?

I suggest you message any women you find attractive with minimum of delay. Just in case ....


Wouldn't it be nice to find out that all the scammers were in fact leprechauns. I don't think I'd mind it as much then.


santa waving

That worked for a short while. But then little children started sitting in my lap and demanding all kinds of presents and poking my belly.


Didn't work. I looked like The Invisible Man.
I need to wrap my face in bandages


Ooops! That could only mean one thing

I must be a ghost (I even scared myself!)



They probably copied my profile. There's a lot of fakes and scammers out there!

Of course, I'M 110% real!

RE: Bored

i read it on yer prophile

RE: Bored

but wat attracted me most about yas is yer sense of humor, yer kindness, and yer intelligence. nuffin sexier then a intelligent womens

RE: Bored

Hey lana5678, I looked at yer prophile. Cuz that's the kind of sad old bastard I am.
I got the power (of the internet)! I feel so durty ....
p.s. yer kind of hot fer a slightly preggo gigantic kylie minogue

RE: I would like your opinion

Replace the middle picture with one of you without your glasses.
Other than that you'll have to make more effort to contact other members instead of waiting to be flooded with mail from them.

RE: How do i come across to you?

You put "Age no barrier!!" under your heading, then you complain how much it bothers you to have women twice your age viewing your profile.

Change your profile to read "I'm looking for a woman under 25 who loves to smoke marijuana all day" and I think you'll get what you're looking for.

RE: Hi im babygurl and im looking for mr.right

How many children do you have, what are their ages, and what about you is a tomboy.

RE: Am i unfortunate boy?

However, I love your curvy body and your salt and pepper hair


RE: Am i unfortunate boy?

You are unfortunate fake violin



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