RE: Whats wrong with my Profile

Well, I would suggest you tell more about yourself. All you have written in your profile is your stats. The stats are already on there, on the right side of your profile and I don't think you should repeat them. Write in there maybe who you are (mean spririted, generous, whatever) and what you like to do. You could also do similar to what you are looking for. That might help. ("Mean spritied", I was joking! I am certain that you are not!)

Anyway, those are just some thoughts!

Best of luck to you! :)

RE: Is hello good enough?

I don't like to read a lot, but maybe that's just me. I skimmed through what you have written and you seem very approachable. Your photos are very nice!

Best of luck!

RE: Please advise me on my profile...

oh.....I did not know that! LOL - learn something new everyday! :)

RE: Please advise me on my profile...

OP, I disagree with these comments. I talk with a lot of men our age and slightly older. I have only heard from ONE 24 year old.

Go figure?

RE: Please advise me on my profile...

Well, lets see.....

You are appearing on 47 favorites lists. That seems pretty good. I don't have any! Ha, ha, ha! :)

You say that you are looking for a pen pal, so that should be pretty easy. Just run a search for like-mined people (other people who want to be pen pals), and jump in! Since you are after pen pals, gender should not matter.

Then, YOU innitiate the correspondence and see what happens! You might as well shot gun it!

Good luck! :)

PS - your pix are fine for your type of profile! I would not change a thing :)

RE: Why can`t I find a nice older man?

Well, you certainly have a hard market there. Are there many men over 60 on this site that are as active as you are? I guess you would know. But you make it pretty clear that a 58 year old is not what you are interested in, and some how I have it in my head that you actually prefer over 70. Whatever the case, it's a pretty narrow group of people.

Also, about the flowers....
I agree with some of the other posters. Maybe you should write back more than just "thanks."

Initiating contact is always a good try too! :)

And in both cases asking questions of the other person is a good way to get the conversaion ball rolling!

My 2-cents anyway - Good luck!

RE: fishie

Spelling, punctuation, proper use of cap letters. No photo.

RE: ok let me have it

Your photos.... :)

RE: No response to my profile & poor photo scores...

OP started with a completly different profile and set of photos. She has changed her photo again since my last post. I guess she is still working on it!

RE: No response to my profile & poor photo scores...

I love how you have re-vamped your profile. It is easy to read, clear and concise. You really say what you offer and what you are looking for in a mate. It represents that you are a stong and witty woman. I also like that you have put up a new #1 photo - it's great and lively! My 2 cents anyway-Best of luck!

RE: back again!

It's very clear, that's for sure. You seem very approachable and your photos are nice. You might consider cleaning up the punctuation, but that's your call. My 2 cents anyway-Good luck!

RE: Could this get a read and a reaction?

Um...I can't tell you exactly, but it seems pretty negative. Also, your intro photo is really, really dark. Maybe you will get some other comments. Good luck!

RE: Does anyone think I am to blunt with what I say?

Well, if that is who you are, and that is how you talk normally, and that is what makes you comfortable, then that is what you should do/write. I however, would not respond to this profile. It is a little too negative for me, but then again we just would not see eye to eye about life in general.

See, but then again, you might be seeking someone who sees things exactly the way you do. Also, you are in a different country than I am, so what is appropriate there socially could be polar opposite to other countries.

It's your call I guess.

(Since you were not getting any replies, I thought I would take a stab at it!! Best of luck!)

RE: No response to my profile & poor photo scores...

I like your profile. Your pictures do look posed but many of them are very nice. I think you should change your number 1 photo to a different one. That black coat where you are looking down...well, you just look really, really sad. I think you should put one up where you are looking into the camera and also wearing cheery colors! My 2 cents anyway!

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