Fears about the developments in the Mideast Quiz

Fears about the developments in the Mideast Quiz

created by Perman on May 201851 yrs old, Oslo, Norway
It appears for me that the Mideast has became the playground for the superpowers who want to test their strength and weapons. Just recently , the USA bombed Syria with 105 Tom Hawk cruise missiles. Although according to what has been said, some did not found their targets and some were brought down by the SAA.

Well whether it`s rue or not, the situation does create a lo t fears really. Hope we will not be annihilate pretty soon with these crude politics of Trump
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1. Do you feel we are about to destroy the world through dirty politics based the egocentric behavior of our world superpowers?
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2. What struck my mind is the type of weapons used against a weaker nation.DO you share my views?

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