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Quran Quiz

Qu'ran Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Nov 200931 yrs old, Connecting Singles

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goingdutch brussels, Brussels (Bruxelles) Belgium94 QuizzesMay 15, 2019
Ok I got roughly half of it right...according to the quizmaster
take question 5: It is alleged that the text in the Qu'ran is "a transcript of Muhammed's speeches" No, that is pertinently not through: there were no scribes present: people learnt by heart the speeches. Form these witnesses, later on the Quran was redacted AFTER Mohammed'd death
devine_tai xxx, MexicoMar 11, 2016
Prophecy never come true. So i'm a more realistic prophet now?
sjenaonline today!
sjena bruxelles, Brussels (Bruxelles) Belgium140 QuizzesOct 25, 2015
not interested to be more informed !comfort
duncansantan MUMBAI, Maharashtra India60 QuizzesNov 20, 2011
i dont get it!!!!!!
quran and torah is the ssame leaving the profot mohmad
then why muslims cant become jews!!!!!!!
particolor Inverell, New South Wales Australia61 QuizzesJan 22, 2011
hammad93 dammam, Eastern Province Saudi ArabiaJan 12, 2011
my friend your ans in 12 - 13-14 n't right muse who was in sea and ibrahim who spoken allha from fire
about how you destroyed by fire burning

thank you
nakosya Almaty, Kazakhstan7 QuizzesMay 30, 2010
I did not understand the second question since Ithought there were 25 prophets including Mohammed (SAW) but they did not have that answer
DrHughGRekshyn54 Hong Kong, Hong KongDec 13, 2009
16. How many virgins do you believe will be awaiting you in paradise after you die a martyr's death with a bomb strapped to your a**, killing yourself and as many innocent(hereafter known as infidels) people as you can ?

o 10

o 13

o 20

o 50

o 100

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