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How Polished are Your Manners Quiz

How Polished are Your Manners Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Sep 200931 yrs old, Connecting Singles

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NOSTRUSonline today!
NOSTRUS Galway, Ireland55 QuizzesJul 13, 2018
I think some of this is very outraged why shouldn't a woman cross her legs at knee wearing trousers ,?
cookatello kildare, Kildare IrelandOct 29, 2016
dumb quiz
flyme1online today!
flyme1 East grinstead, East Sussex, England UK103 QuizzesOct 24, 2016
It,s polite to let the lady go first.So I don,t get the bit about not letting her get in the taxi first,and open the door for her???
Dewiqueen Somewhere, Jakarta IndonesiaJul 17, 2015
80% cheers
I like the quiz, being smart is great but manners matter hug
honebee barcelona, Catalonia Spain14 QuizzesApr 26, 2015
it make no sense. no lesson learned. all this depends. why should a man open my not a must if only if he wants. we come from different cultures and this does not make men more gentle than others.
it a crap
honebee barcelona, Catalonia Spain14 QuizzesApr 26, 2015
those things depends with alot of circumstances u goner be there. its a cell phone u r in a bus there is traffic jam need to tell ur workmate whom ur taking the shift from that u goner be a few minutes late okey.
our quiz is not realistic
smileydove Hawkesbury, Ontario CanadaMar 30, 2015
I don't get number, if I am wearing pants and I sit down, I have bad manners if I cross my legs completely instead of at the ankles?!..You're joking right?..dunno
sjenaonline today!
sjena orange, California USA140 QuizzesDec 21, 2014
I probably belong one othe culture and my manners are very polished !
totaly equivocal quizz !
postneoludite West Vancouver, British Columbia Canada17 QuizzesJul 24, 2014
I guess I qualify as "refined". Latin ladies, watch out.
gley123 London, Cheshire, England UKJul 24, 2014
I just had a quiz and i'm really loving it teaches you about more manners on what you should do and what you shouldn't i took it upon my self and i had the mask of 70 percent great huh you should also try to see how good are your manners good luck.
Allia1 Wexford, Ireland6 QuizzesJun 15, 2014
Not impressed with this quiz, the edequide of the composer seems to be different than what is acceptable.
artistic7 edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland UK12 QuizzesFeb 18, 2014
good is better than no manners at all lol
reguiny2006 Réguiny, Bretagne France7 QuizzesJul 25, 2013
I am amazed that a quiz of this nature should be posted at all, if we have to highlight such common courtesies, it's a sad reflection upon society, women should not tolerated bad behavour from men, and men should equally not tolerate women who do not accept courtesy with good grace.

Perhaps I sing from an old fashion song sheet.


Phil Beeson.
Shamaila Gold Coast, Queensland Australia17 QuizzesAug 21, 2012
Two wrong, puzzled with question two?confused how on earth is it bad manners when your completely alone. laugh uh oh
sakamaksaka new york, New York USAJul 8, 2012
that was cool
redroseviking Owen Sound, Ontario CanadaJul 6, 2012
It's better to leave no tip at all, but even a bad waitress needs tip money so giving less will give her the message that she needs to smarten up. Just don't leeave without paying as she will have to pay the bill for the meal.

I don't see why women cannot cross at the knees if they wear pants, nothing will show. Better get some of those superstars who hardly wear anything to take a quiz to appropriate dressing.
Titch63 Southland, New ZealandFeb 24, 2012
Your quiz is obviously your opinion of the world some didn't make sense. If a man is a gentleman he would let the lady in the taxi first,on an elevator youre not disturbing anyone and the trouser one I pushed the wrong answer. Where I come from tipping is not considered a part of our culture so it in my mind would be considered rude to give less would, be better off saying something and getting better service on the spot.
Kaela84 Julian, California USADec 14, 2011
HAHA etiquette Mondays from grade school paid off yay Mom! lol
roach666 manchester, Greater Manchester, England UKOct 3, 2011
what has some of those questions really got to do with general manners lol- 6/10 oh well thatll do me!
Nephrite Bratislava, SlovakiaSep 24, 2011
80% - Good manners applause yay

Oh, I feel so elegant and classy
laugh rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
elgabalus faro, Faro PortugalSep 1, 2011
A very pleasing set of questions! Thank you...
The_Professor Keighley, West Yorkshire, England UK28 QuizzesSep 1, 2011
I thought I had got everything right, but it seems that if you are unhappy with restaurant services, you should halve the tip??

I would think that no tip is better! or if the service was good, then tip the server but if the food was not good, complain to the manager!

And as far as the taxi is concerned, I had in my mind the image of holding the door for the woman to get in and sit down, with me walking round the other side to sit in.... To be honest, the thought of the taxi driving off with my companion, but not me had never crossed my mind.... maybe I am too trusting or old fashioned... or both sigh
ela666 Zagreb, Central Croatia CroatiaJul 27, 2011
I like this quiz.
Asil74 Kilkennny, Kilkenny IrelandMay 1, 2011
Good reminder about basic manners that get easily forgotten :)
playgirlk dublin, Dublin IrelandMar 20, 2011
classy ladyx
particolor Inverell, New South Wales Australia61 QuizzesMar 20, 2011
I guess Im just 30% piggy !yawn
Donalanawanaluv Tyler, Texas USAFeb 17, 2011
Well I at least know some manners .... funny the ones I missed were ones I never knew so now I do and well I am never to old to learn new things.
Sueped Sydney, New South Wales AustraliaJan 29, 2011
Thanks enjoyable quiz , but it seems that I should brush up on my manners. Lol
sparkle2010 dallas, Texas USAJan 24, 2011
this quiz is crapolascold thumbs down doh
particolor Inverell, New South Wales Australia61 QuizzesJan 13, 2011
No. 4 What if its raining shed get soaked. Good stuff. doh doh doh

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