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Are You A Thinker or A Feeler Quiz

Are You A Thinker or A Feeler? Quiz

created by QuizAdmin on Sep 200932 yrs old, Connecting Singles

Comments for this Quiz

fantaziyaonline today!
fantaziya windsor, Nova Scotia Canada9 QuizzesNov 19
56/44 look pretty balanced! writing
Mr_Amor Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh IndiaJul 27
i am deep thinker and deep feeler too. But i preferred feelings.
Bricey Buffalo, New York USANov 10, 2020
Result seems right for me.
Davenita San Marcos, Texas USAMay 26, 2019
It's true that logic and reason are extremely important to me, but I definitely am a feeler, too. I take people's feelings into consideration in every situation. Compassion and mercy are high on my list. heart wings hug teddybear
ElaOne Ljubljana, Osrednjeslovenska SloveniaJan 30, 2019
it is not that easy??
Tson77 Summerside, Prince Edward Island CanadaAug 14, 2018
Itsm sounds pretty spot on!
NOSTRUSonline today!
NOSTRUS Galway, Roscommon Ireland57 QuizzesJun 23, 2018
Interesting result .....
kissypo0 crowley, Texas USA53 QuizzesMay 31, 2018
Results seem about right for methumbs up
Virgizz Medan, North Sumatra Indonesia17 QuizzesMar 20, 2018
peace peace peace
Rainbowbane Prescott Valley, Arizona USAJan 9, 2018
Almost half and half
ScrappyCocoa86 Phoenix, Arizona USAJan 3, 2018
Sometimes I think...Cool... I also believe I feel like no other.
Contreeashell Wichita, Kansas USA11 QuizzesDec 18, 2017
That was interesting and it's also what I feel I am.
Contreeashell Wichita, Kansas USA11 QuizzesDec 18, 2017
That was interestinglaugh
Contreeashell Wichita, Kansas USA11 QuizzesDec 18, 2017
That was interesting!!laugh
249408 Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa PakistanDec 14, 2017
Oceana2U Dingle, Kerry Ireland8 QuizzesNov 20, 2017
grin heart beating
Diamondeyes86 Phoenix, Arizona USANov 6, 2017
Great quiz. I think if it had more questions, it might tell a slightly different tale. It was fun to take though! Thank you.
Hilow Aigio, Peloponnese Greece12 QuizzesOct 3, 2017
I still maintain my humanity which is 50/50 while the worldly consciousness is a machine in thinking.
JustRidin Bowling Green, Kentucky USA6 QuizzesSep 12, 2017
I agree with my results.
bojan878bu Bugojno, Federation of B&H Bosnia and Herzegovina3 QuizzesSep 12, 2017
Very accurate
missshell summerfield, Florida USAMar 29, 2017
professor well I grew u in the era that works no calculator using the brain I have a good heart and I'm a thinker!!! head banger
hathor2 Zürich, Zurich Switzerland2 QuizzesFeb 11, 2017
The quiz accurately confirmed what I knew before - I am a think-tank
Fayko Athens, Attica Greece23 QuizzesSep 26, 2016
It got me right down to the T! 73% feeler!
Snuggles4Ever New Port Richey, Florida USA30 QuizzesSep 4, 2016
This is true of me! I do "think" a lot though, but, I do put more into my gut "feelings" as a cop would in most situations that they sense is the truth.
blackqueen47 Birmingham, West Midlands, England UK5 QuizzesAug 6, 2016
I totally disagree with my score. I still believe I am a Think because even my family say I think too much. I am a realistic person and I like to speak the truth whether it hurts or not because I generally care how people react to certain situations in life. :) comfort
blackqueen47 Birmingham, West Midlands, England UK5 QuizzesAug 6, 2016
I am both Thinker and can be a feeler because I am a caring passionate person and I love to love.hug
13Khate Bangkok, Central Thailand Thailand6 QuizzesMar 29, 2016
wow am i a feeler? i think it's not coz am always humble and have a soft heart person...yeah maybe am a feeler in a different ways and am a thinker in a way that i know that makes me feel comfortable and happy..
Mediaworm Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA13 QuizzesMar 28, 2016
Maybe but I have been a supervisor in every job I have had so, oh I guess that might be because of my genius IQ and need to learn different things
Snookums3 Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa12 QuizzesMar 20, 2016
The 2 results r too close to make that determination.
CBeeC Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa4 QuizzesMar 19, 2016
Sounds about right.

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