Scammer Stories

Members share their experiences of getting scammed by people who use dating sites for illegal or deceptive means. We believe that by posting these stories, we can get the word out that Scam happens so you can be aware of the possibilities and beware of the warning signs. Think first with your head, then with your heart.
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Scammer Username: surelyrick
Other usernames used: rick Michael
Said Location: Wisconsen, USA
Real Location: I think Nigeria
Dating Set met on: connecting singles
Other Dating sites on:
Date met: not in person,only o the site, a few days ago
money involved?: No

What happened:

In short he was a liar, too good to be true. I shared my photo and my email address and my home phone no...

As soon as deleted him from messenger list (MSN and Yahoo), he is no longer on the site either...

How I knew was that none of his tel. nos worked, he posted that he was from Wisconson, then he was stationed in London England, then all a sudden he was landing in Nigeria with his daughter!!!! Anyway he called me, ...

His pictures were that of a tall caucasian white guy...When he spoke he had a very thick african accent... right away I knew he was a scammer... I asked him about his accent he said that he travelled alot, he was an oil worker, engineer...blah blah... I said I was busy and that i had to go towork,... he came on IM the following morning I ignored.... Only thing is I feel bad for sharing my picture. He said a younger woman broke his heart, and he falls in love with you right away... he is very good with his words, praises you, calls you beautiful, sweet.... wants only you... too good to be true....

Scammer Username: timnold45
Other usernames used: Tim Arnold
Said Location: Texas
Real Location: unsure but told me he got a job in Nigeria
Dating Set met on: Connecting Singles
Other Dating sites on:
Date met: About Sept 06
money involved?: Yes

What happened:

I was contacted by a man who called himself Tim, originally from Texas but working as a civil engineer on contract in the UK. We chatted on the phone and online for a couple of months, then he told me he won a contract in Nigeria, Africa and after that job he would fly to meet me in Australia in his private jet.

He told me his wife had passed away and that he had a 14 year old daughter who travelled with him everywhere. I asked many times for a photo but he never sent one and I have never talked to her.

I received a phone call from him saying he had been in a car accident and that he needed about $500 for medical treatment claiming he had no medical insurance and couldn't contact any of his friends and family. His yahoo address is He has removed his profile from connecting singles but he may still be in contact with other women so please beware!

Scammer Username: daveharlems
Other usernames used:
Said Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Real Location: Nigeria
Dating Set met on: Connecting Singles
Other Dating sites on: Yahoo
Date met: 8 January 2007
money involved?: No

What happened:

I had recently put my ad on CS. This guy, daveharlems replied and immediately gave me his personal email address. To cut a long story short, within a few days of writing I noticed that his profile and his mails to me via CS were removed from the system. And at the same time I noticed he came on the Yahoo IM, so I decided to chat with him. I immediately confronted him. I thought his English was not very good and told him so. He claimed he used Fla. expressions. Well, I have lived in the States and knew he was lying. I asked him about his profile. He told me that it was still on. So I told him I found out his profile was removed by CS because he had abused the system. He then said he had deleted it. On CS he claims to be from Florida, whilst chatting I clicked on 'his' picture (a handsome man) and immediately another page on Yahoo was opened with another profile of this daveharlems guy, but on that site he was called dave herlems. This one was from 2005 and on that profile he claimed to be divorced and on the CS profile he was a 'widow'. I told him during our chat that I firmly believed he wasn't who he claimed he was. He then got angry and said that I was insulting him. So I said that his approach to my worry was not very westernised. I told him that on one site he was divorced and on the CS site he was a widow and by the way it was widower!

He said he wanted to talk to me on the phone. Knowing I would shortyly have another phone number anyway I gave it to him and lo and behold he phoned. His voice sounded youngish and very, very African. On my number display, I later found out, it had a number showing that he was phoning from Nigeria!
I told him he didn't sound American, he then said he should have told me he was raised in Colombia.

I told him to stop abusing people like this. I genuinely liked him but was quickly put off a little by him being so forward in calling me darling in the second e-mail....!

Because of my job, dealing with people globablly I picked up in his emails expressions he used that were not American at all but African!

Thanks to CS pointing out at the top of my Inbox, mentioning that if mail has disappeared it is because CS has removed user as user had abused the system. Hence my baiting him into this IM argument. So therefore I was on time before I got involved in what could have been perhaps asking for money etc.
When I first noticed that his mails and profile had disappeared and why. I immediately looked at the scams pages. Unlucky for him when he appeared on the Yahoo IM service I had just read these pages and was well prepared to confront this guy big time.
However, I must admit that I was quite shaken by this experience! I thank my lucky stars that this whole thing was stopped before I got heavily involved with him. He sounded really charming.

It saddens me to read that so many people have been taken to the cleaners by scammers and I can only be thankful that I was on time in discovering that I was about to be taken to the cleaners. I am thankful to CS that they found out about this man and had him removed! Please note that the photos of 'daveharlems' are not that of the scammer!

Scammer Username: badguy4you
Other usernames used: Tom
Said Location: fort worth
Real Location: south africa
Dating Set met on: connecting singles
Other Dating sites on: dont know
Date met: did not
money involved?: No

What happened:

The guy whose name is above---stated in his profile that he lives five miles from me..but when he emailed me, said that is is in South Africa on busines right now, but will be back soon and wanted to chat on Yahoo. Knowing that a lot of South African scammers chat on Yahoo, I refused. I asked him numerous times about the names of major thoroughfares in my city and major hospitals--each time he avoided my questions and only wanted to chat on Yahoo. I insisted that he give me information about my city to prove that he lives 5 miles from me and in fact lives in the states---now he is telling me that he has to be away from this site (due to business and will not be able to talk for a while).

Scammer Username: Marry01
Other usernames used:
Said Location: Delaware usa
Real Location: Lives in nigeria with boyfriend
Dating Set met on: CS
Other Dating sites on:
Date met: CS
money involved?: Yes

What happened:

Marry01 is her name she says she's from delaware in usa,I send her a flower then she's asking me to add me to yahoo-yahoo is always bad for scammers. I added her and she started talking about a guy named kunle she lives with in NIGERIA!,a sure sign of a scammer.I mentioned that she wants to talk about money which she says yes to and that its not her fault lmao, so i blocked and deleted her and now heres a report for you to warn others on the site.

Scammer Username: pretty_jennn
Other usernames used: jennifer Peters
Said Location: usa: but she lives in Austria
Real Location: i don't know
Dating Set met on:
Other Dating sites on:
Date met: 1 month ago
money involved?: Yes

What happened:

I was hooked up by this pretty american girl. After some mail i gave my mail address to receive some photo of her. Then I asked for her msn account. Since the the first chat she told me she wanted to move from her country (she told she was living in Austria)....immediately she showed the will to come to me, here in Italy. I got supspicious. And immediately she asked me to lend her 1200 euros, because she had a check from her father but she couldn't cash it (!!)in any austrian bank. I told her i wouldn't give one cent. So she would send me the check to cash in Italy (???!). After some time i received a melodramatic mail with petty language...i received a poem too; here it is:
As I watch the rising sun it reminds me
that our Faith has to travel a long, long way,
I think of the end of the rainbow
we could reach someday.
Your smile whispers through my mind,
hoping that someday it will be our time.
As of now I can only dream of holding you tight.
Until then I must send you a kiss

Why all this love, this affection... i didn't say anything extraodinary for her to fall in love... my look? She even didn't know what i was like... when i asked her: what do u like of me? My GREEN eyes?
She answered yes... but i have got brown eyes (!)... When i asked her to send me some more photos, she disappeared...

Scammer Username: kiwisdofly
Other usernames used: Dave Robinson
Said Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Real Location: Believed to be Christchurch, New Zealand
Dating Set met on: Connecting Singles
Other Dating sites on: Not known
Date met: Not actually physically met
money involved?: No

What happened:

I have been sucked in by a man who was very, very charming. We had been talking to each other for 6 months!! He had also been 'phoning me, telling me how much he missed me and how much he wanted to be with me, and couldn't wait to get to the UK to be with me. He told me "I pray that with time you fall in love with me and we shall share some great moments and that I can make you happy", "I am an honest man with honest feelings for you, I never intend to hurt you or mislead you", "you are the only woman I am interested in", "I think about you all the time", etc, etc, etc. Anything but honest and, yes, out to hurt and mislead - big time! He only e-mailed me just today with the usual flannel and yet I have only just today found out that he is well and truly married and with his wife!!!! After 6 months! He will tell you anything you want to hear and insist strongly that he is not with his wife. But he is so very good at finding an achilles heel.

Trust me, this man knows no shame! He will do what it takes to get what he wants, even if you don't deserve it. I can't believe I have been taken in like this but I never expected anyone to be so utterly cruel. I feel so sorry for his wife and its clear what a lucky escape I had! But this has still been a terrible experience for me but I am worried for other women on the site. Don't think that, despite what has gone before, he really means it this time! Please be warned, this man is shameless. Nobody ever does this sort of thing as a one-off, he will try to do it again. I believe he is no longer on this site but, if he appears elsewhere, be warned, please keep an eye open. Please!!

Said Location: USA
Real Location: USA
Dating Set met on:
Other Dating sites on:
Date met: MARCH 2006
money involved?: Yes

What happened:

This started by a woman who introduced herself as miss cillien robert from university of carlifonia los angels. She invited me to attend a youth international conference in U.S.A and dakar/senegal which was scheduled to start on june this year. When i asked her photo she refused to give it to me. She introduced me to the youth organisation secretary General who called herself Madam Cynthia Brady who requested me to pay the hotel reservation money in Dakar/senegal. I refused to pay and the woman vanished and i had never heard from her. On september this year, i received a letter from the youth secretary telling me to claim my compensation of $10,000 from ALICO in Dakar/senegal. I tried and the man who called himself MR FEMI (ALICO MANAGER) told me to send money($2500) for handling/shipment fee of my draft to kenya. I sent the money through western union and after he received the money on 4/10/2006, he refused to send my draft. I sent the money with the name of MR SAMUEL AMAKOM,address DAKAR/SENEGAL.

Madam, help me to recover this money i sent to them because they are oppressing the innocent and the poor youth.I have all the document they sent me. My email address is ......

Madam,your confirmation of this matter will be taken as a gesture of appreciation to my call.

Yours Faithfully,
PETER --- -----

Scammer Username: exedusjoel
Other usernames used:
Said Location: usa and for work in africa
Real Location: i think african
Dating Set met on:
Other Dating sites on:
Date met: never in real
money involved?: Yes

What happened:

i met an man from usa by mail, not meeting personal but online. after some time he asked me to do something for him.
i was an bit cool and asked him what to do?
he told me he works for a company who helpd children in africa and right now he is in africa to help sick children... i´m german...we always have journals in TV where they tell about bad things like that...
and so, when he asked me that people will send me cheque in euros and i have to send to him i had my eyes really open...
i wanted to see what will be happened, so i let send him the cheques or about 9000 dollar so i can send him the money to africa for poor sick children...

i was secure there will not becomes true and, what should i tell you... here still no cheque arrived but he asked me hard that one child nearly is dieing and if i can send money from my own and take it from fund which is on way to me...

i said i have no money and he started telling me that i´m an bad person only think about me personaly... i´m not, i´m an alone mother with an child and have to look for food for us and pay my bills...

i work hard for my money do not want putting it around...

than the day comes he sreams per chat if i want to let die child he will not loose this child.....
i told him no cheque is here... he start again and again and again making me bad feeling... the address from him is an african adress, the name where i should send money is an african name too... i´m not

but than he one more time try that i send money to him...only 7000 with my money i have to do very important things... give food to my new rent... No, i did not give him anything, but i think he try it by other women too. Why we women are stupid sometimes when we hear about poor dieing children in africa...

Scammer Username:
Other usernames used:
Said Location: Missouri
Real Location: Nigeria, West Africa
Dating Set met on: Don't remember
Other Dating sites on: unknown
Date met: a week ago
money involved?: No

What happened:

Scammer was on another dating site, not here. I e-mailed from dating site, and began talking to the person. We moved over to messenger, and things had been okay, playing along, seeing if this was real or not. Well, today this person slipped up and said something that tipped me off. So I pressed a little harder, and found out that her "mum is ill and she is in west africa looking after her, and will return to the state shortly." I continued to press harder, and told them that I do not like fakes, and after I said something about sending a packet to the DNS server for that IP address, they never said anything back to me again. So just be WARNED, I don't know if this is again an actual scammer, but it fits all the signs your site gives.

Scammer Username: Martin Hills
Other usernames used:  Martin Rick Hills
Said Location: Summerville, SC
Real Location: I don't have that answer
Dating Site met on: Connecting singles
Email Address/IP address: and hills_mart01
Date met: March2006

What happened:

I was contacted by Martin Hills, he was supposed to be from Summerville, SC. his user name was wb_hills01, his Yahoo email address, and instant messenger was hills_mart01. At first he let me think that he was in SC then he said that he was in Nigeria working for Banco Oil Company. Told me about his son, Richard, they were both in Africa. He was leaving the company and would be home sometime the week of March 20th, but would not give a day. Would like for me to pick them up at the airport. I had a cam and he wanted to see me, which I did.
After this he was telling me how beautiful I was and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Then we was having a problem, the company didn't pay him all his money and he was stranded. I already decided that he was trying a scam but went along with his game. He then needed $450.00 to pay some taxes so he could get here. So, if anyone hears from this man don't let him sucker you, I didn't. The only thing that I did that I wished I hadn't is that he has my phone #.

Scammer Username: Stacey101
Other usernames used: Staceyrolland101 rolland
Said Location: Bicknell Indiana
Real Location: Africa
Dating Set met on: Okcupid
Other Dating sites on: unknown
Email Address/IP address:
Date met: through a local search
money involved?: No

What happened:

I was doing a local serach on another dating site, just looking for people close to hang out with, add to my friends, and maybe go out with and talk about some same intrests. I e-mailed Stacey, she told me that she was in the textile and fasion design, and that she was currently in West Africa working at one of her factories. She claimed that she'd be home soon, and that she wanted to meet up with me. She wanted me to give her a lift from the airport. Okay, no problem, that I can do, helping what I thought was a new friend out. Turns out we're talking, and she asks me if I ever used a credit card. And I responded, no, I only pay in cash, and she's like, "well I'm going to have to collect payment somehow." and I haven't heard anything else from her. Call it what you will, but I honestly think it's someone out there trying to scam money, glad I didn't fall for it. As I thought she was in Indiana, I gave her my cell number, but that's not a big deal, it can be changed. Friends beware, she is out there, I have provided you with her okcupid name, and her yahoo name, and I think I might even do pics for ya too. Let me see what I can do. There's 4, you make the call and you tell me what you think. I honestly think it is, I might be wrong, but maybe I'm not. So you check it out, and tell me.

Scammer Username: all but one ,
Other usernames used: Wilson) his real name
Said Location: from texas to tampa
Real Location: lagos nigeria
Dating Set met on: several sites
Other Dating sites on: uniform dating, passionate personals,singlesnet ,com
Email Address/IP address: they use several from a cyber cafe
Date met: met the first over a year ago.
money involved?: No

What happened:

I joined a team for scam, and I have been in 5 different ones and am still corresponding with them to track and have the proper authorities catch them. I also notice they use what they call a cyber cafe in nigeria,
#1 is suppose to be from texas, his name Is Vince Bruce, suppose to work for oil company there,
#2 Jay wilson or my_angel(Also claimed to be Vince Bruce, he needs money to eat and pay bills,
#3 is Victor leo. out of the UK,
#4 federick Morris Adams was in the UK wants to send me money now in Nigeria, also claims to be from Baltimore Maryland,
#5 Wiilliam Beckley wants to have me send money, claims to be working oil liner he is from Vernon Fla,
Please note 4 out of the 5 are in lagos Nigeria, they all have just about the same address. There IP addresses come from a cyber cafe in nigeria, I met the ist one on passionate personals, 2nd got my email from the first one, 3rd 4th and 5th on uniformdating .com, they are no longer posted and have deleted thier profiles but you can still see them there.

This is very wrong for them to use any of these sites and it makes it hard for any of us to trust and know the real ones that are out there. I know there is no way that we can get them all, and all they have to do is get another e-mail address and be back on, but if the pictures are there and you make copies of them then you can refer back to those and keep reporting them to the web sites. I found this to be working for me and seems to do the trick, send them an e-mail stating that they are caught again and you know they are a scam. But the 5 I have posted here they move around and they are having problems getting them. Just be careful to everyone out there. Trying to put a stop to this is like a needle in a hay stack. Thanks to who ever reads this. They all use Yahoo except Victor leo.

Scammer Username: candyguy
Other usernames used:  philip
Said Location: Riverdale GA and CA.
Real Location: unknown
Dating Site met on: Connecting singles
Other Dating sites on:
Email Address/IP address: same as above
Date met: late Feb.

What happened:

I meet this guy and we started Iming each other, when he started asking me, and told me a story concerning a woman who owed him money, and asked if I would help him get it back for him. I said I would. When I found out that this amount was in the excess of $8000 I called my local police station. This guy sent me or should I say had someone send my 8 money orders for 1000 a piece.
It is now in the hands of the F.B.I

Scammer Username: shyguy35
Other usernames used:  
Said Location: Vancouver
Real Location: don't know
Dating Site met on: Connecting Singles
Other Dating sites on: 
Email Address/IP address: 
Date met: didn't meet

What happened:

Wow, happened twice. A year ago a guy that used to be on this site called Derik did a real good job of scamming me to the point of sending fraudulent money orders saying he wanted me to cash them for him when he arrived as he didn't want me to incur any expenses (he was from the UK). Well in an instant you could see they were fake and my bank verified that. They were handed over to the U.S. Postal Service and copies to the Police. Unfortunately that person has not been found yet and is still probably out there trying to scam more people. When CS says "if they ask for money or want to send you money there's a problem" they are absolutely right. This guy was good though so be very, very careful. I like to think I'm pretty smart but he had me going for a couple of months and then I was starting to poke holes in things and then the fake money orders arrived.

Now Shyguy35 out of Vancouver just sent me as a very first letter a real sob story but of course saying that he has been willed a lot of money. Right away this one was so obvious. I've reported him too. This is defintely not the site's fault so I just want EVERYONE out there to really, really watch out. Do not fall for ANY sob stories.

Scammer Username: lynOO
Other usernames used:  Vicky
Said Location: It's in her profile
Real Location: Liberia
Dating Site met on: Connecting Singles
Other Dating sites on: 
Email Address/IP address:
Date met: 4 Feb. 2006

What happened:


There is a scammer here. Her username is lynOO . She says her name is Vicky and her email address is

She contacted me a few days ago . It was pretty fishy from the start . Supposedly she's a 25 year old black woman from liberia , although her profile doesn't say she's from liberia . She sent me the email address with her first contact, supposedly so I could write her, then she could send me photos . I received a letter at a false email address I sent her, today. She told me she was from liberia, and then told me this big long story about her dad getting killed, and she needs my help getting the $7,500,000 her dad left her ..... Do people really fall for this sort of thing? .. It was so bogus , I had to laugh ...

Scammer Username: cowboyzup
Said Location: Bellingham, Washington
Real Location: Texas, not sure
Dating Site met on: Connecting Singles
Other Dating sites on: Do not know
Email Address/IP address: 
Date met: Connecting Singles, haven't physically met yet.

What happened:

I met a man here. It wasn't very long that he told me he loved me and wanted to marry me. He wanted me to take my profile off of Connecting Singles so that we can be exclusive to each other. I did what he asked twice. He convinced me to give him my email address, telephone number and he now knows everything about me. We've sent mail back and forth from the U. S. to Canada and visa versa.

He even convinced me to send him pics. He rushed our relationship very fast, within a week or two. Very fast, within a couple of weeks. He lied about friends, things on his profile like he does not drink when later, two months later admitted to not being able to cross the border because of a past DUI. He phoned me drunk several times and drank almost every time I talked to him on the phone. He gave me "down on luck stories" and made me feel bad for him. He told me is phone bill was going to be cut off, so I sent him money through Western Union. $75.00 Canadian, which turned out to be $89.00 Canadian because of the cost of sending it. He received about $61.00 American. He kept saying that he wanted to marry me and spend the rest of his life with me and my son. I was stupid enough to give him a pic of my child.

We were going to meet and he was going to come to where I am, I insisted he stay in a hotel but he said no, he didn't have money. He tells me he lost his job and is being evicted from where he is living, insisting that I go to where he is. I agreed to think about coming to see him in the next couple of months. He was insisting I stay with him and not in a hotel. I told him several times I did not want to and when I said no, he got mad and insisted I stay with him. Last but not least he yelled and swore at me in my (personal) emails he sent. He was constantly getting mad at me, especially if I asked him questions. He is down right verbally abusive.

After him saying he loved me thousands of times and that he wanted to get married, I found out he is seeing other women online. I confronted him and he sent me a verbally abusive message. He is online at Connecting Singles right now talking to other women. This is how I realized he is a scammer.

I am worried about other women on here.

Scammer Username: Mark Jimmy
Other usernames used:  Joy Mike, Kelly Newman, Michael Kayode, Sam John
Said Location: Most say from England..
Real Location: Nigeria and other places in Africa
Dating Site met on: Yahoo
Other Dating sites on: ebay, stormpay auctions, and more...
Email Address/IP address: 
Date met: All the time

What happened:

Hi, I run auctions on yahoo auctions site. I recieve emails almost every day from scammers. BEWARE ! Here is some correspondance they sent via emails (about my auctions):


#1: FROM: "joy mike"
i am very much intrested in purchasing your item, i will offer you the money that will be enough for the item, i am okay with it, Concerning the payment, A very good client like to do business with trustworthy person, he will issue out a certified cashier check drawn in a US Funds that you can cashed at your Bank or at Any cashing point in your location. As soon as you recieved the payment, take it to cashing point and cash it Immediately get the check cashed there, and you hold out your amount, And send the Excess funds which it is balance to my International Shipping Agent (VIA WESTERN UNION TRANSFER) That will be for the picking up at your Location. I hope i can trust you with my balance that will be sent to my shipping Agent. Do get back to me with your contact details like this: Name you want on check, Home Address, City, State, Country, Phone number, so that payment will be made out to you Immediately..

#2: FROM: "michael kayode"
I am intrested in purchasing you item and i am ok with buy it now price, i will like to know if you accept a UNITED STATE POSTER MONEY ORDER OR CASHIERS CHECK as a mode of payment and if you will be able to wire transfer the remaning balance to the shipping company in united kingdom via western union money transfer after you might have cash the check and after you might have deduted your own part of the money since i will be taking care of the shippment through my shipping company in UNITED KINGDOM. Kindly

#3: FROM: "mark jimmy"
Hello, I'm interested in buying your Item and i want to know the present condition of the Item and i want you to give me the actual price for it also . my method of payment will be by CAHSHIER CHECK.because i will be out of the state and i want you to email me the pics of the Item so that i can see and io want you to know that i have the private shipper that is coming for the pick up of the Item bcos am going for the meeting confrence so i want you to email me back bcos am ready to mail the payment out as soon as you email me where to get the payment mail to asap but make sure you get me the pics of the item. this is my chating N.T Just to let you know that am going to include the shipper fee with the check am going to mail out for the payment so that when you got the check you going to deduct your asking price and wire the shipper fund via western union money transfer the same day you receive the check so that the shipper can come for the pick up ASAP going to include the shipper info with the check. await your response. jimmy
- - - - - - - -

I am posting these here, because if you read them, you can look out for similiar emails (they just make them apply to dating). I have been selling on auction sites for many years and receive these types of offers almost every day. Notice that "Most" use first names as both the first and last name. This is because they are uneducated on Surnames in Nigeria and other places in Africa.

Scammer Username: Too Many
Other usernames used:  
Said Location: Europe
Real Location: various
Dating Site met on: CraigsList
Other Dating sites on: 
Email Address/IP address: 
Date met: July

What happened:

I think that anyone should be leary of the guys with screen names like ...Thug, ...Dawg, ...Pimp, ...69. The criminal is always the jerk. But what were you expecting?? These people all but straight-out scream at you "Scam, Married or cheap bad sex" !!
I have caught several of these people on Craigslist. I've had guys tell me they were white from southern coastal European places. Guess what, Arabs.
I suggest getting a gmail account because you can put some random words in "search mail" and suddenly find out that youve recieved the same blanket letter from 7 different addresses.
I have anonymous call blocker on my phone so in order to call me your number has to come up. Then at least you know their last name.
I had a Scrabble ad out on Craigslist and got a threatening reply from a freak so I ignored it. I got a nice reply from a man who owns a film company for a scrabble game. I gave him my phone number and he left me a message in his alias name "Bosten" but his real name came up on the caller ID. I taped the nasty message and called him back telling him I had his address and would play it for his wife.. What a Jerk.

Location: Missouri
Dating Site met on: Webdate
Other Dating sites on: Connecting Singles, was on Mate1 but is no more, Webdate
Email Address/IP address: 
Date met: October

What happened:

This is exactly what happened to me. I was dating someone from webdate only to find out the whole time were dating he was corresponding with other women as well. He swore he was being faithful to me and that I was the love of his life. Being the naive person that I am I believed him and actually cared for him. He made me believe that online dating can really work. And I believe it can work if people are careful.

Here is my story:
I met a guy thru webdate. He contacted me first and we corresponded thru IM for 1 1/2 weeks before we decided to meet. We met at a public place and both liked each other. Then we talked over the next week constantly on email and IM. It was then that I found out he had no vehicle and asked me to pick him up, which I did. That was a Friday and he ended up spending the weekend. All this happened in a period of two weeks... which is way too fast. Over the next two months I would take him places picking him up in my car and such. Never once did he pick me up or actually take me anywhere. You may be wondering why I did not dump him right away... he was a smooth talker and I believed him to be down on his luck.

Then when I started to get suspicious he dumped me. That was when I found out thru a mutual friend he was actually corresponding with other women while he was dating me. Just before we broke up he decided he needed time to think, when in reality he was moving on to his next victim, who is currently living with after only one week. I hope she sees the light and does not put up with him too long.

He claimed to know alot of famous people (country singers and baseball players) and when we broke up I found out they never heard of him. In short, he was too good to be true and was nothing but a phony.

So ladies, beware of this. He has been on several dating sights at the same time. He claims to be a wrestler... I have actually found him on 3 dating sites this week alone. He lives in the St. Louis area and is 47.

I hope this report helps. I do not like to see people taken advantage of.

Name this person used: none submitted
Said Location: California, currently in Africa
Real Location: coulda been California, or Colorado
Dating site met on:

What happened:

I have two scammer stories, but I'll tell you the one that cost me the most. She first portrayed herself to be an intelligent businesswoman from the USA. She had five pics to go with it. Her story was she was away on business but was looking for love back home in CA. The interesting thing about all these scammers I've come across is they appear to originate in Africa. (nothing against the country, just what they tell me.)

Well, she tells me she is working in Africa and her "associate" has paid her in US money orders. She has no account to cash them and asked if I would do so. This would help give her the money to come to my state and visit with me, among other things. Hey, I was lonely, and obviously desperate. She said otherwise she would be stranded. I accepted. So she sent the money orders via UPS. I got them, went to my bank in hopes to help a new "friend". Cashed them and wired them to her, via Western Union. She then contacted me a day later after telling me she got the money that she needed me to do this again because her "client/associate" had the rest of her paychecks ready. I tried to cash these as well, so she would come visit me. (I'm not usually THIS naive) The bank told me these were counterfeit. They called the police and like a good citizen I tried to be as cooperative as possible.

I can't remember alot of the details but while on Yahoo chat, I meet them once in a while. Always look for ppl too eager to get to know personal facts about you, like your real name, your emailing address or if you have a bank account. Also, in my experience, the hot spots to be "located" for these scammers appears to be "working in Africa, stranded"...or "from UK, working in Africa" far, that's what they tell me. The user names will always be will the sites, so just be aware of their behavior not their last known address.

Name this person used: Nate Thomas
Site username: here4dreallove
Said Location: N.Y.
Real Location: Africa
Dating site met on: Christian Date
Other dating sites on: love & seek, Yahoo

What happened:

I met this guy 2 months ago. He told me he lives in N.Y. but was in Nigeria, because his sister was deathly ill. He said his dad died & left him a lot of $$, but it was in a N.Y. bank, and didn't have the account info. He asked me for money to help her. When I said I couldn't, he started a fight by acting like he misunderstood why I said I couldn't help. Months later I saw his new profile, on a different site. I pretended to be someone else. This time he told me after a day that he was in Nigeria, and needed $$ to get home to N.Y. I said I had no $$... You see, he pretends to have an accountant job in his profile, and claims to live in N.Y. He kept saying he loved me, and wanted to marry me. I asked for his address, but he kept saying that he'd never get the letter. He asked me for my social security number and mom's maiden name, and when I would not give it, he played manipulative games on me.
His public profile is on yahoo as here4dreallove

He wanted to send me a check for $10,000. He thought I would cash the check, and wire him the money. Then after a few days the check would NOT clear, and I would be responsible. Sick huh?

Name this person used: Bobby Jackson
Said Location: N.Y.
Real Location: Africa

What happened:

He said he had no children, and lives in N.Y. Really he lives in Chelsea, Africa. After two days he said he had a daughter who was deathly sick, and needed meds, or would die in several days. I said I had no money to help with meds, and he kept on, like I was holding out. He said that she kept saying "daddy I don't want to die". Then he finally gave up after about a week, and moved on.

Name this person used: Sherry Lace
Site Username: loveberry2x1
Yahoo Messenger ID: lacessh
Said Location: London
Real Location: London
Dating site met on:

What happened:
"I have no faith in people anymore. here I am, one of the few chivalrous guys left, and now my line of thinking is, don't trust anyone, don't allow anyone to trust me."

I was contacted by a lady who found me on an online dating service. We talked for about a month, she said she lives in NY, but is currently in the UK for her job. She had a problem with getting out of the UK, she said all she had for money was USPS money orders, and no one in the UK would cash them. Shortly after telling me that, she said she felt like I could be trusted with these money orders, if she were to sign them over to me I could cash them and wire the money via western union back to her travel agency manager. She said they had to be done at my bank, not at a check cashing place... So I cashed 3 of the money orders she sent (all she needed was three she said, all I cashed were three... didn't know why all of them were in my name). And I sent the cash to her travel agency manager via western union as asked. I felt like I was doing something good, here I was being trusted with a large amount of money and I was being trustworthy and not running with the money. The next day she said she had to pay her bills for the stay in the UK, and cashed in her tickets to pay for them so she needed another three money orders cashed. Of course I did this. The following morning I got a call from my bank, the money orders were COUNTERFEIT! All the money in my bank, gone... I told the police and turned in the remaining money orders... they said I could be facing criminal charges since I was the one to actually cash the counterfeit money orders, but as of now I'm listed as a "persons involved." I pretty much feel as if I've been... I don't know, the soul sucked out of me. I have no faith in people anymore. Here I am, one of the few chivalrous guys left, and now my line of thinking is, don't trust anyone, don't allow anyone to trust me.

Name this person used: Steve
Location: Nebraska
SCAMMER DESCRIPTION: 6'4" professional 47 yrs of age
Dating site met on:
What happened:

I actually met him on eharmony and have not thoroughly checked the Connecting Singles site for his profile. His description is 6'4" professional 47 yrs of age.

I met an individual, Steve, via a dating service. He is a serious "Scammer", not to mention -- currently married. I dated him for six months before I found out! I would like him removed from all dating services before he has another victim.

I did report him to the authorities, but there's not much anyone can do. Here's my story...........the thing that truly worries me is I don't know where he was taking this or what his motive was???

"I really don't know what his motive was, but assume he was eventually hoping to get money from us....
He offered to give me a loan for $100,000.00, but I turned him down."
I talked with him on the phone every night for over two hours for three weeks before I agreed to meet him. We met in Omaha, NE and went out to a restaurant and agreed to meet the next day also. We rode together through Mahoney State Park and he offered to take me and my daughter to dinner that next evening. My daughter was working so he again took me to dinner. After that weekend, he called every day and came to our home every weekend including Holidays. At first he would rent a motel room, then starting staying in our spare bedroom. He told me that his first wife died in a car accident and that he was left to raise his daughter by himself. He even gave me "Thank you cards" from his daughter stating that she had never seen her dad so happy. He said he had been married a second time, but it was a mistake from the beginning. They were married in the Bahamas on a whim and never really lived together. He continually asked me to marry him -- that I was his one "true love" and that he had already bought a diamond and was just waiting for the proper time to give it to me. I continued to see him for six months, but he was really smothering me. He said he had a new job in Omaha and wanted to know if he could move in with us until he found a place of his own. I said "No" I wasn't ready for anything like that. I am currently a nursing student and single mom of four. He would go out of his way to do things for my kids -- driving them to concerts, buying them things, etc. I really don't know what his motive was, but assume he was eventually hoping to get money from us. However, our budget is tight. He offered to give me a loan for $100,000.00, but I turned him down. To make a long story short --- I just didn't feel like all the puzzle pieces were fitting and decided to once again check him out. I discovered he was currently married, that his first wife was still living and that he didn't have ANY children (even though he talked frequently to his daughter on the phone ??? was it his wife????) At first, he denied he was married, but I was able to obtain his wife's unlisted phone number and called her. I didn't want to make any trouble, but I had a husband of 25 years that cheated on me and felt that I needed to let her know. Her response was "Oh well, you're not the first and you won't be the last!" After doing a back ground check on her, I discovered that she goes by the name of ***** aka *****.

I don't want to sound paranoid, but I do have a very strong suspicionthat something fishy was going on. You (Connecting Singles) are the first that has offered tohelp me and although (It's only been a week) I didn't lose any money ( justendured the emotional stuff) I want to thank you for putting a stop tosomeone like this as I'm not sure what his motive was. Please let me knowif your discover any of his email address on your site.

Site username: cumatage4u, chili217p
Said Location: Amelia Island, FL and also Wollaston MA
Real Location: don't know
Dating site met on: Yahoo Personals

What happened:

I found the first guy in six months of online dating that I actually thought might be a match--tall, handsome, educated environmental scientist, widowed, about my age, same politics and religious background, had kids. I wrote to him and didn't hear back, so was checking into other people in places where I have family and he come up in a search in Massachusetts in addition to Florida--only now he was single-never married, in sales/marketing, different politics, different height, different religious practices, no children...I can't say he's a scammer but I can say he's presenting two different people, but using one of the same photos in his multiple images, and it isn't a model-type shot. Seems shady!

Said Location: Acton, MA
Real Location: don't know
Dating site met on:
Other dating sites on:

What happened:

I actually met someone on the site who wasn't legit at all. I knew he was suspicious: he talked a lot about himself in the beginning but at the end, he wouldn't tell him his schedule and his stories kept changing. This was just around the time we were going to meet each other. Then, all of a sudden, he just stop writing all together (which was a good thing). I got a phone call just the other day. It was his wife saying that he wasn't interested in meeting with me. I would hope not.

Things I noticed that one should look out for when it comes to scammers:

  1. They will talk a lot about themselves but when it's comes to their schedules, they always change the subject.
  2. They say "I love you" way way too early in the relationship.
  3. Even when you two are talking and hitting it off big time, he will still be looking at other women on the websites
  4. They never want to introduce you to their families and never mention it
  5. When you call them at a time before it gets too late (anytime before 9pm), they won't pick up the phone (can't let the wife know). A lot of scammers talk to people when it is very late I have noticed
  6. Even if you are many miles (and sometimes hours) apart, the scammer says he is willing to drive all the way to your house. Basically, don't let him.

In conclusion, always go with your instincts. I knew this guy was strange since the beginning so I never got my hopes up. I wouldn't talk to someone unless their profile was up for a pretty long time.

Location: North Carolina
Dating site met on:
Other dating sites on: many

What happened:

I got involved with a lady through your dating service and she seemed to be very sweet at first but then as time went by she started to ask me for money and i fell into her trap very hard. We emailed each other for about two months and within three weeks she told me she loved me, and i had mixed emotions thinking that i loved her. She gave me her phone number within a month and we talked by phone. As we did this more and more, she asked me if i could pay off some of her credit cards. Then she asked me to come and see her in her home town in North Carolina and i did, and it was a very big mistake for now i am in a 3000.00 dollar debt because of her and now i am left paying off the credit cards by myself, for she said she cannot help me. I feel she is a scammer just in for the money and not for love. I found out the hard way myself.

TIP (submitted by member):
FYI: If the Scammer calls through an Internet Relay Service( for the hearing impaired ). 9 times out of 10 the person is in Nigeria using this free service. There will be an operator speaking for them. And type back to the scammer what you say. The Relay service is a legitimate phone company. Do not cash any money orders or cashier checks. They are all fraudulant.

Name this person used: Steve Daniel Meyers
Site Username: Jigger
Email Address:,
IP Address:
Location: Nigeria (said he was located in Charlton SE7 London)
Dating site met on:

What happened:

report #1 on Jigger:
you have someone who is realy from nigeria that is on your site trying to get money from women. he goes by jigger and his email address is he has been reported to the authorities. he is sending 7000 dollar cashier checks that are fraudulant and telling women that he wants to marry them. that he has a sick mother and having problems with his visa or passport. please watch out for this person i do have a picher of him however you dont have a place to put it.

report #2 on Jigger:
Many thanks for your e-mail regarding member Jigger, i have already fell for his scam. he told me he went to nigeria to bring back his mum and got robbed the first day. then told me his mum had malaria, like a fool i sent £150 for medication i felt so sorry for him.

i was told his mother was ill and that he had been robbed of his passport and personal belongings and had been beaten up by a group of black men. he told me he went to nigeria to bring his mother back to the uk. he made everything sound so convincing that i believed him, till i asked for his phone number, when i rang the number i knew he was a black man. last night i searched the internet for proof. the picture he uses is not him, it is a male model from a agency in hawaii. i have sent an e-mail to the agency to let the person know someone is using there photos. i have got the nigerian address and names where i sent money to, and i also kept all the receipts from western union. takes a stand against scam

Ever since the first story was reported, Connecting Singles has taken measures to keep scammers off this site, including software changes, etc.

We believe that awareness is one of the keys to help preventing scam before it happens. This report prompted us to create these pages, to educate people about these scams and how to recognize them.

Report it to authorities and REPORT IT TO US so we can remove the profile IMMEDIATELY!

Read our scammer info page and become aware.

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