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Squirrel stops forest fire

Squirrel stops forest fire

This is funny......what else can I say?...

Monsanto Patent for a Pig Pt 3 of 5

Monsanto Patent for a Pig (Pt.3 of 5)


Salmon ad

Salmon ad.

My favourite....

Too much furniture

Too much furniture???


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Someone who is getting LOTS of flowers for V Dayonline today!

Someone who is getting LOTS of flowers for V - Day


Just say No friggin way you stupid bastardonline today!

Just say..."No friggin' way you stupid bastard !"

Remember that frying egg commercial... "This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Just say no." ?? It made a simple point, but proba...

OMG Funny as heckonline today!

OMG ! Funny as heck !

I never saw this commercial. I certainly would have remembered if I had.

This is too friggin cute hilarious not to shareonline today!

This is too friggin' cute & hilarious not to share

You will likely want to watch this a couple of times....

Hes backonline today!

He's back !

Bueller ? Bueller ? Bueller ? That's right, it looks like Matthew Broderick, the "righteous dude" will re-appear, as Ferri...

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