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playing instrumentsonline today!playing instrumentsdaniela7773922Jan 20157 hrs ago
Musiconline today!Musicdaniela777100271413Jul 287 hrs ago
writingonline today!writingdaniela777673150597813Aug 20027 hrs ago
spiritualityonline today!spiritualitydaniela77752154202644Jul 20057 hrs ago
meditationonline today!meditationdaniela777552582428132Mar 20057 hrs ago
Sapiosexualonline today!Sapiosexualdaniela7770117 hrs ago7 hrs ago
walkingonline today!walkingdaniela77782226812713911Feb 20037 hrs ago
paranormalonline today!paranormaldaniela77737916763Jun 20057 hrs ago
dancingonline today!dancingdaniela7773,1873721931256417Mar 20027 hrs ago
singingonline today!singingdaniela77750871323225Nov 20047 hrs ago
Travelingonline now!TravelingAutumnChild30835Sep 208 hrs ago
animal loveronline now!animal loverAutumnChild862174898311Feb 20098 hrs ago
writingonline now!writingAutumnChild673150597813Aug 20028 hrs ago
Music interestsonline now!Music interestsAutumnChild2711Aug 198 hrs ago
Mantras Yoga Literature International Tradeonline today!Mantras Yoga Literature International TradeRamaking2119 hrs ago9 hrs ago
affectionate and honestonline today!affectionate and honestGentle33343381424Feb 201117 hrs ago
intimacyonline today!intimacyGentle33391424353Mar 200917 hrs ago
video gamesonline today!video gamesGentle334474683521Apr 200417 hrs ago
rock musiconline today!rock musicGentle3345866143121Jul 200417 hrs ago
soulmateonline today!soulmateGentle3351454182871Dec 200817 hrs ago
christianonline today!christianGentle336128138246121Jan 200817 hrs ago
compassionateonline today!compassionateGentle334095323291Jan 200917 hrs ago
laughingonline today!laughingGentle33472772825123Jan 200517 hrs ago
faithfulonline today!faithfulGentle33354632142Feb 200917 hrs ago
honesty is the key to any good relationshiponline today!honesty is the key to any good relationshipGentle33390672443Jul 201017 hrs ago
passionateonline today!passionateGentle335399023661Dec 200817 hrs ago
loyalonline today!loyalGentle3348612246733Jan 200917 hrs ago
humoronline today!humorGentle332,47336536642605Apr 200517 hrs ago
footballonline today!footballGentle3358495196628Mar 200317 hrs ago
intelligentonline today!intelligentGentle3349210846584Dec 200817 hrs ago
caringonline today!caringGentle336011586576107Dec 200817 hrs ago
romanceonline today!romanceGentle331,073353541002546128Feb 200317 hrs ago
familyonline today!familyGentle336851939077251Mar 200317 hrs ago
honestyonline today!honestyGentle3374815350891211Aug 200417 hrs ago
kissingonline today!kissingGentle33948212451252139Jan 200517 hrs ago
a good sense of humouronline today!a good sense of humourGentle3356421589126Nov 201117 hrs ago
romanticonline today!romanticGentle331,0803639413664780Mar 200817 hrs ago
am looking for serious relationshiponline today!am looking for serious relationshipGentle3312,62024195146Nov 201017 hrs ago
affectionateonline today!affectionateGentle33788279105174Dec 200817 hrs ago
honestonline today!honestGentle3378529011117081Dec 200817 hrs ago
loveonline today!loveGentle333,6681,12085196245191403Aug 200217 hrs ago
cuddlingonline today!cuddlingGentle33948339122217Nov 200217 hrs ago
marriageonline today!marriageRobotrobo82214238652919Sep 200820 hrs ago
am looking for serious relationshiponline today!am looking for serious relationshipRobotrobo12,62024195146Nov 201020 hrs ago
affectionateonline today!affectionateRobotrobo788279105174Dec 200820 hrs ago
long term relationshiponline today!long term relationshipRobotrobo51412750761Apr 200920 hrs ago
loveonline today!loveRobotrobo3,6681,12085196245191403Aug 200220 hrs ago
Investor modern writing auditing spiritualInvestor modern writing auditing spiritualMeteoric011Nov 15Nov 15
ReadingReadingMeteoric32826Sep 17Nov 15
road tripsonline today!road tripsRoken325391524Jul 2005Nov 15
chatillion: "Judging a judge..."(meet us in the blogs)

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