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Tag NameAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
am looking for serious relationship13,830271107164Nov 2010Feb 18
skype8,580253202May 2010Feb 2
app8,037752649Jun 2009Feb 2
travel4,57964323235721312Mar 2002Feb 18
love4,0121,13994225245172403Aug 2002Feb 13
fun3,7002737914428166Jan 2008Feb 16
dancing3,5463962081356407Mar 2002Feb 17
Big Rocco3,35211Jan 2013Jan 2013
dogs3,174241767951962Jun 2004Feb 17
cooking2,74545721024232Aug 2002Feb 16
humor2,68237943712605Apr 2005Feb 18
fishing2,4023019719473Apr 2002Feb 18
adult fun2,17813918121Apr 2009Feb 18
cats1,97717050422967Sep 2004Feb 11
dance1,892148201231076Sep 2002Feb 3
nature1,803531164224744920Aug 2004Feb 17
camping1,6274631652953Apr 2002Feb 10
horses1,474753928161Sep 2004Feb 2
russia1,4553011649Jan 2008Feb 2
romantic1,36639110515664480Mar 2008Feb 18
80s1,3613687361Jan 2008Feb 2
dog1,35550892274Jan 2009Feb 2
romance1,341368601122543128Feb 2003Feb 18
photography1,3253139214757143Mar 2003Feb 17
blues1,3041431632590Aug 2003Feb 12
sexy1,264411126211Mar 2014Feb 2
beach1,2522791111375224May 2005Feb 17
cuddling1,223369132237Nov 2002Feb 18
kissing1,170231501392139Jan 2005Feb 18
tv1,13367312646Oct 2003Jan 6
pets1,131671112440Sep 2004Feb 4
outdoors1,11735312622241Sep 2004Feb 11
honest1,11632612419381Dec 2008Feb 18
90s1,1081662164Jan 2008Feb 2018
bbw1,10318810Mar 2009Oct 14
naughty1,086282215Jun 2009Feb 2
animal lover1,081190989011Feb 2009Feb 11
70s1,0773181317Jan 2008Jul 27
flowers1,063201141071169Feb 2006Feb 3
rock1,06279716153763Sep 2007Feb 4
walking1,06129714215311Feb 2003Feb 17
marriage1,02115342722919Sep 2008Feb 11
friends1,006162274452534Mar 2003Feb 3
affectionate985302114188Dec 2008Feb 12
funny98229728323615744Jul 2007Feb 4
honesty974172571011211Aug 2004Feb 18
60s9671381137Jan 2008Jan 2015
420962381028Dec 2008Feb 2
female led relationship94922Apr 2014Feb 2
pop947164212159Sep 2007Jul 27
manu1010: "Love and indifference "(meet us in the ecards)

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