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You won't get to where you want to go if you only travel on the sunny days...

I love doing things with you

I love doing things with you

I love doing things with you...

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Niagra Falls Journey Behind the Falls

Niagra Falls - Journey Behind the Falls


Australia soundtrack By The Boab Tree

"Australia" soundtrack - By The Boab Tree

"By The Boab Tree" sung by Ophelia of 'The Spirits' One of my absolute favourite films - a classic love story filmed on location at...

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Adventurous men in South Africa

Adventurous men in South Africa?

Are there no men in South Africa who wants to live a life of adventure? Who wants to feel the adrenaline pumping. Someone who wants to do crazy things...

Would love to travel Europe again

Would love to travel Europe again.

When the draft ended in USA under Nixon in 1975 I took off to Holland and France. It was great! I am getting in the mood again and bored with Americ...



I arrived in Dar-es-Salaam harbour on my 8 th birthday back in 1958 promptly went down with malaria. Yet this was the start of some of the most magica...

Movie Review Big Fishonline today!

Movie Review - Big Fish

Last night I watched another movie that I had never heard of previously. "Big Fish" is perhaps the best film offering by director Tim Burton, who is g...

Africa 3

Africa 3

Dar es salaam harbour acrostic shadow1950 © Linda Hillier 11/03/2013 Dar harbour full of teeming life A mass of colourful ship...

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